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Why Premarital Counseling Just Makes Sense

October 24, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

We live in an age where lasting relationships are few and far between. The thing about marriage, though, is that it’s a lifelong commitment. Two people exchange solemn vows, promising themselves to each other for better or for worse, whatever may come their way. A marriage isn’t a thing to enter into lightly. Before you tie the knot, it’s worth looking into every option available for ensuring you and your sweetheart enter into your new lives with clear heads and open hearts.

Communication Methods

Miscommunication kills relationships. It’s cited as one of the top factors leading to divorce—a tragedy, given how easy a problem it is to remedy. Premarital counseling can help you and your future spouse learn ways to effectively listen and communicate, essentially stopping problems before they start.


Talking with someone who has already weathered some of the struggles you may face in your future can be incredibly valuable. Chances are, your counselor will have already had a good number of years put into their own marriage, and they will be able to lend perspectives and pieces of wisdom that only experience can bring.

Fiscal Planning

A counseling session is an excellent neutral zone for you and your future spouse to work out your current financial situations and to plan for how you’ll be fiscally responsible. Having a solid plan in place before your wedding just means that there is one less thing to stress about as the two of you move forward in your new life together.


Attending counseling can allow you and your future spouse to discuss things that don’t necessarily come up in normal conversation, whether that be expectations, fears, or hurtful past experiences. Working through these conversations before you tie the knot can prevent unexpected realizations from making bumps in the road later on.

Divorce Prevention

All of the other reasons could fall under this one. Making marriages last is a main goal of premarital counseling, and it statistically succeeds. Couples that attend premarital counseling are shown to be 30 percent less likely to divorce than couples that don’t attend premarital counseling. One thing you’ll find throughout the entire process is that while weddings are full of small decisions that don’t really affect the big picture of you and your spouse’s future together, marriage is full of big decisions that really matter. Why waste even the slightest opportunity for improving your chances at living happily ever after?

Ask around for reputable marriage counselors in your area!

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