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Wedding Trends: Integrating Social Media

May 26, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

You’ve spent hours working on the painstaking details of your wedding day.  You’ve chosen linens and China patterns and nail polish colors.  You’ve handpicked your photographer and bridesmaid dresses and dinner menu.  You’ve stuffed envelopes, ran out to the mailbox to receive reply cards and used your best penmanship for those escort cards.  And, because it’s the year 2015 and we are all mildly obsessed with social media, you have probably drafted one or two or twelve ideas for your wedding hashtag.

Yes, that’s right: wedding hashtag.  If you don’t have one, you should.  Call up your groom or your maid of honor and put on those creative thinking caps.  See if your name fits in the famed wedding phrases like: “Happily Ever Insert New Last Name Here” or “Merrily Insert New Last Name Here” or “Here Come The Insert New Last Name Here“.  Think outside the box and get the opinion of others.  (Bonus Tips: Keep it short and sweet; the less characters, the better! And don’t use special characters like ‘&’ or ‘+’. They won’t hyperlink your hashtag.)

So you spend those precious last few hours of the day crafting your special hashtag.  Now, you just need people to use it!  Here’s a quick and simple How To Guide for promoting your wedding hashtag:

1. Use it ahead of time 

Common sense? Maybe.  A great idea? Definitely.  Start using your wedding hashtag as soon as you’ve got it nailed down, be it six months or six days out from your big day.  Start a wedding countdown on Twitter or attach it to several engagement photos on Instagram.  Don’t be spammy, but let your followers know that you’re excited for your upcoming nuptials and that they can enjoy the journey with you!  You can even use the hashtag to take followers behind-the-scenes of your wedding planning. Show off a bit of your decor or a special aspect of your reception with limited details in the photo.

2. Print it on programs/table numbers/anything

For further indoctrination, show off your hashtag on something printed at the wedding.  This can be a sign right before your guests enter the church or a snippet on the bottom of the menu at each table setting.  Let it stand out in a special font or color so guests can easily identify it on various paper products.  This also encourages guests to take photos of your gorgeous stationary or decor.  It will allow followers to catch glimpses of the details, not just the people, surrounding your wedding.

3. Incorporate it into your photo booth

Remember our photo booth post from a few weeks back? Well we think the best wedding trends go hand in hand and that is definitely the case here.  Encourage guests to post their photo booth pictures on social media with instructions or signage.  You can even print the hashtag on the photo booth backdrop or frame.

Ready to start?  Lots of wedding resources you’re already using, like The Knot or Wedding Wire, have hashtag generator tools to help you out.  Just remember to keep it short, sweet and memorable!

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