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Wedding Traditions: Not Seeing The Bride Before The Ceremony

August 17, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

One of the most exciting part of planning any wedding is choosing the most gorgeous dress you will ever wear.  There’s the painstaking process of sifting through Pinterest, scheduling bridal salon appointments, choosing your entourage and finally selecting the one dress that will be more documented than any other.  No pressure, right?  Furthermore, you don’t have the opinion of the one who truly matters: your groom! Of course, we love the grand unveiling of it all as you strut down the aisle toward your true love, but we’ve got a few questions. Where did this tradition of secrecy come from?  Who was the first bride to conceal her dress choice?  And whose idea was it to not show herself before that glorious moment at the top of the aisle?

This tradition dates back further than most, all the way to that time when marriages were arranged by the families of the bride and groom.  In order to secure the business end of things, the bride’s father thought that the two meeting would jeopardize his chances.  What if the bride and groom weren’t attracted to each other? Such a small thing as looks could not be the reason a huge business deal fell through.  That’s where the veil came from too!  No groom was to see their betrothed until the last possible moment–after they’d already pledged forever.

Such a story just fills you to the brim with romance, doesn’t it?  So why do we still adhere to this tradition today? Truthfully, it’s for the excitement.  We love the memories that are etched forever in our minds when we lock eyes with our beloved groom.  The thrill of walking down the aisle is an unmatched, once in a lifetime moment.

Are you waiting to see your groom before you walk down the aisle? We’ve got some ideas for staying connected before the ceremony:

  • Send a gift with one of the groomsmen.  Include a handwritten note with a spritz of your perfume and a lipstick kiss.
  • Send a quick text with a countdown: “See you in 5 hours. I’ll be the one in white!”
  • Have your photographer capture a photo of your bridesmaids withe homemade signs that read: “Just wait till you see her!”.  One of your bridesmaids can send the picture to your groom via text.

If this tradition makes you feel nervous, you wouldn’t be the first bride.  Many brides feel calm when they spend just a few minutes with their grooms before the ceremony.  You may choose to have a “First Look” and grab a few portraits with your photographer before all your makeup is cried off and the craziness of the day begins.

No matter what you choose, we believe you’ll be the most dazzling one in the room and your beloved will have eyes only for you!

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