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Wedding Traditions: Jordan Almonds

August 10, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

So many fabled wedding traditions are found in the midst of some classic films and television shows.  By now, bride friends, we’re sure you’ve stocked up on your fill of wedding themed romantic comedies and we hope you’ve added My Big Fat Greek Wedding to the mix.  In it, you’ll remember the kitchen scene where Tula and Ian are wrapping tiny almonds in rounds of tulle while Tula’s mom pridefully shows off the wedding invitations she’s hand selected.  For a moment, forget about the horrific pieces of stationery and focus on that tulle covered kitchen table.  Ian and Tula are wrapping Jordan Almonds–five of them to be exact.  The wrapped up almonds are to be placed at the setting of each wedding guest and they’re not just made up for the movies.

Jordan Almonds are a Middle Eastern and Italian wedding tradition that has made its way to the States over the years. To each heritage, they mean something a little different, but one common thread is woven through: well wishes for the bride and groom.  In a Greek wedding, Jordan Almonds are wrapped up in odd numbers and handed out to guests.  Just as the odd numbered almonds are unable to be divided so the newlyweds shall remain undivided for all of time.  If a single wedding guest takes the favor home and sleeps with it under her pillow, tradition holds that she’ll dream of the man she will one day marry.

Italian wedding favors hold to a specific number of almonds.  Five almonds are wrapped in sachet bags or tulle and are meant to represent five specific wishes as the couple begins their journey together.  Each almond represents health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity. The guests find these Jordan Almonds at their place setting and can sneak a quick snack before dinner is served.

Looking to incorporate this sweet wedding tradition into your big day? You can order Jordan Almonds in bulk online at OhNuts, CandyWarehouse or Amazon.  Choose bridal white or personalize the almonds to your wedding day by choosing a few pounds in your color scheme.  Swing by your local craft store and pick up packages of round cut tulle, pouches or small boxes and ribbon.  This is a great wedding week project for you and your bridesmaids.  Stay up late, chatting, drinking tea and wrapping up the almonds for your guests.  We just know those will be some of your favorite memories for years to come!

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