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Wedding Thank You Notes

September 19, 2014 by Jennifer Speer

Even in today’s world of technology where text messages, blogs, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts have become the standard way of communicating, nothing is more appreciated than a handwritten thank you note. While planning your wedding, you will find there is no shortage of opportunities to send thank you notes. So who exactly should receive one? Check out my list below. Did I leave anyone off?


1.  Anyone who gives you an engagement, shower, or wedding gift.

2.  Anyone who gives a gift of money (whether this is directly to you or through a donation in your name).

3.  Anyone who hosts a party or shower for you. Typically, you should give these people small gifts as well.

4.  Your attendants and other wedding ceremony participants (minister, soloist, ushers, wedding planner, etc.). It is fairly common to also give this list of people a gift as well.

5.  Your parents (or whoever is hosting the wedding.

6.  People who help with out of town guests by offering transportation or housing during the wedding weekend.

7.  Anyone who offers assistance. If your cousin helps pass out the programs, she should get a thank you. If a neighbor watches your dog during your honeymoon, he should receive a thank you. Even if it seems like a small favor, send a thank you note.

8.  Vendors, especially the ones who exceed your expectations.


This list might seem overwhelming at first, but it will only become a nightmare if you let it. Start your list, and keep it with you at all times. Your list will grow quickly, but if you take the time to write a certain number of thank you notes per day, you’ll tackle that list in no time. Sure, it’s technically acceptable to wait until after the honeymoon to begin writing notes. But why spend all that valuable time writing when you could be spending quality time with your brand new husband?! You two have much better things to do, so pick up a pen and start writing!

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