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Wedding Planning Tips: 6 Months Out

February 6, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

Whether you’re in the middle of a long engagement, or you just said, “Yes!”, and your wedding is just six months away, it’s time to buckle down and check some important items off your To Do list. Last week, we gave you several wedding checklists to help keep the planning process flowing smoothly, but this week, we have some bigger items that should be checked off your list at six months out from your wedding.

Shop for Bridesmaid Dresses

If you haven’t selected your bridesmaids’ dresses already, now is definitely the time to do so. Check out your local bridal shops and make a fun day of it with your girls, or check out the vast number of online places to buy or even rent dresses if you are spread out and can’t all shop together. Regardless of what method you choose, now is the time to make your selections. This will allow any alterations to be completed in plenty of time for your wedding and give you one less thing to stress about as the wedding draws near!

Confirm Catering

By now, you and your fiancé should have decided on your desired cuisine and be in the final stages of confirming a caterer. Deciding who your caterer will be now will give you plenty of time to finalize your menu and to make sure that their calendar will accommodate you.

Book Your Entertainment

Entertainers’ calendars can fill up months before an actual performance date, so if you know of a band or artist that you want to play at your wedding, it’s definitely time to book their services. If you decide to make your own playlists or to have relatives and friends perform, the six-month marker is a good time to start finalizing your plans there, as well.

Send Save the Date Cards

Most brides have already selected a wedding stationer by this point, or they’ve decided how they wish to format their stationary and invitations themselves. If you haven’t done either of these yet, now is the time. It’s a great idea to send out your save the date cards about six months in advance to give your guests plenty of notice to leave that date free on their calendars.

Arrange Transportation

If you want to arrive via limo, horse and carriage, or other exotic vehicle, now is the time to make your reservation. You want to be on the company’s books as soon as possible—it’s one less thing for you to worry about, and it ensures that you’re able to find a company that has an opening on your desired day.

We hope these tips help you keep your planning on track for your big day!

Happy planning!

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