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Wedding Planning: Registry

November 16, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Before we start, let’s give a celebratory shout in honor of whoever invented wedding registries.  If you don’t know why this deserves such excitement, ask your mom about the presents she got for her wedding.  It probably looked like mismatched plates and napkins and a china pattern she could’ve lived without. Wedding registries ensure that you and your new groom can start your first home together with all the things you love.  Bonus: Building your wedding registry feels like shopping without spending any money!  Your fiance and your wallet will thank you!

Before you start the wedding registry extravaganza, do a little planning.  First, research which stores offer registry options.  Of course, there are the classic choices like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target.  But did you know that stores like Anthropolgie also offer registries?  Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, do a quick walk through in each store.  This reduces the pressure you and your fiance might feel with the registry gun in your hands.  It will help to ensure that you and your fiance have the same style and agree on all the essentials.  Map out which stores will be for decorative items and which will be for the practical appliances.

When it’s finally time to start your registry, block out a large chunk of time. Registering could take an entire weekend depending on how many stores you go to.  (We suggest 2-3 stores.)  Wear your most comfortable shoes, stop for a latte and get excited!  Make sure you print off and keep a list of all the items you could possibly ever need for a new home, especially if both of you are just starting off.  Also, let the store employee give you a quick tour of their shop upon arrival so you know where everything is.

Above all, have patience and have fun.  Enjoy each second of building your life together, including these moments of wish list making.  Registering should be one of your favorite memories and give some of your favorite wedding gifts!

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