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Wedding Planning: Photographer

November 23, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

When your wedding day has come and gone, when you wake up the next morning beside your new husband, and when you land in your new home after a wonderful honeymoon, you’ll only have two things left of your wedding day: memories and photos.  You won’t remember the cake topper that was too tall or the napkin color that was just a shade off.  But you will remember dancing your heart out all night, hugging your aunts and uncles and taking tons of selfies with your guests.  Don’t forget to soak up every single moment, but even more, don’t forget to book a photographer you love so you can cherish the memories for a lifetime.

If you’ve already begun the search, you may be a little shocked by the price of photographers these days.  There are a lot of choices and a lot of packages and a lot of phone calls to be made.  Take your time as you begin to make those choices and select the packages.  Have your mom, your fiance and your bridesmaids weigh in on the portfolio of each photographer.  Then speak with each photographer directly.  Ask all your questions (you’ll find a few under our checklist below), and ask about any specials that are included in their various packages.

Once you’ve deliberated and decided on a photographer, begin working on your timeline.  So soon?  We think yes!  Developing a day-of timeline for your photographer will ensure you have enough time for your photos and for the dance floor.  It will also help ensure you’re on time to every location on the day of your wedding.  As soon as your timeline is drafted, you’ll want to create a photographer shot list.  This should include all of your must-have wedding day photos.  You know, the one with your best friend and the one with all your college roommates.

As your wedding day draws closer, assign a family member or close friend to be a photographer’s assistant.  This person will help corral your family members for photos and be a runner for the photographer.  If a bridesmaid or friend is missing in action, the photographer assistant will be in charge of finding them.  This takes a job off of your plate and ensures that your only job in the photography process will be smiling big and bright!

Choose your photographer wisely.  Get to know them before the wedding day if possible.  Once you’ve booked them, remember to trust them completely. They are professionals, and they are so thrilled to be capturing this big moment in your life!


  • Will you do a first look?
  • Will you do any photos before the ceremony?
  • Where would you like your group photos taken?
  • How much does an album through your photographer cost?  Is there a discount for ordering at the same time as booking?
  • How many hours will your photographer be available on the day of your wedding?
  • Will your photographer bring a second shooter?


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