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Wedding Planning: Gifts

December 7, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

You’re not the only one who gets to enjoy a mountain of gifts during wedding season!  There are tons of people who’ve been by your side through this entire wedding planning process, and they deserve to be recognized.  As your engagement season draws to a close and you get ready to head down the aisle, take some time to brainstorm gift ideas for your bridal party, your parents, your wedding guests and your lovely vendor team.  Remember that not every gift has to be extravagant to be meaningful.  Sometimes the best gifts are the handwritten notes and the homemade cookies.  We’ve got a few ideas to get you started:


  • Team up with your mom or aunts and throw a bridal luncheon during wedding week.  Honor your bridesmaids with a toast and a note.  If you’re giving gifts, this is the perfect place to do it!
  • Buy your bridesmaids’ wedding day jewelry.  This doesn’t have to be costly.  Check out boutiques like Francesca’s or Charming Charlie for the best prices and the best selection.
  • Monogram it!  Have a robe, a tote or a clutch monogrammed for your girls.
  • Frame a photo of each bridesmaid with you and use it as a place card at the bridal luncheon.


  • Monograms aren’t just for the girls.  Have shave kits, wallets or pocket knives monogrammed for the guys.
  • Festive socks are en vogue, so pick out a favorite pattern and let your groomsmen wear them on your wedding day.
  • Every guy needs a great tie, so why not purchase the groomsmen’s ties as your gift?  It’s practical and re-wearable!


  • Thank your mom with a special frame and an old photo of the two of you.  It’s sure to bring on the water works.
  • Thank your dad with a handkerchief that he can carry down the aisle with him.  Have it embroidered with a message from you to make it extra special.
  • After the wedding, compile all your favorite photos into a photo book and mail it to them.


  • For out of town guests staying in hotels, consider making welcome baskets.  These don’t have to be wild, but it’s helpful to include area information, wedding week activities and a few fun snacks:
    • Homemade cookies
    • Postcards and brochures of the area
    • Water bottles
    • Sunglasses
    • Homemade snack mix


  • Your vendors are helping to make this the best day of your life!  When you tip, be sure to include a handwritten note expressing your gratitude. It’ll go a long way!
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