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Wedding Planning: Flowers

October 26, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Your wedding checklist may look overwhelming now, but you’ll look back and miss this process one day. Don’t believe us? You will! Wedding planning is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of crazy, so embrace every moment.  Be sure that each detail reflects you and your fiance in a special way.  Set time aside with just your sweet love to go over the details most important to you.  Use this time as another way to draw even closer to your husband-to-be.

Once you’ve chosen a venue, spend a little time brainstorming colors and emotions you want your day to invoke in your guests.  Do you like classy and traditional or trendy and modern?  Do you like jewel tones or neutrals? Pick a general direction and then dive in!

Colors and emotions will dictate many aspects of your wedding day.  Perhaps most of all, those choices will affect your floral choices.  Log on to Pinterest and start pinning away!  Create a mood board just for your flowers, and don’t leave out even the craziest ideas.  That’s where the best options are born! Pay attention to boutonnieres, corsages, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces and, of course, the all important bridal bouquet. You may even like to venture down an unconventional path: silk flowers or brooches or fruit in your centerpieces or bouquets.  Again, don’t nix any option just yet; this is the blue sky stage! (If you need help here, check out our flower blog series for meanings of and seasons for some of our favorite bridal flowers.)

If you know a florist, it may be helpful to visit a wholesale flower shop.  Take a look around and see how many options are actually out there to make your dreams come to life!  You can see how certain flowers look next to each other and browse a large variety of silks as well.

Once you’ve brainstormed and seen some flowers in real life, it’s time to trust. That’s right: leave it all in the hands of your florist.  Remember, this is their job, and they love what they do.  Your wedding will be beautiful no matter which color of rose or what type of ribbon you choose.  Don’t forget to have photos taken of your bouquets so you can always remember them!  Bonus: choose at least one silk flower to put in your bouquet so you can save it forever and display it in your home.


  • Brainstorming:
    • How many bouquets/boutonnieres/centerpieces will you need?
    • What is your budget per arrangement?
    • What colors will you use?
    • What are a few of your favorite flowers?
  • Logistics:
    • When will the flowers arrive on the day-of?
    • Will they need to be in water?


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