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Wedding Planning: Bridal Party

November 2, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

You’ve got your guy, now you just need your girls.  Seems pretty easy, right? Hand selecting the people who will keep you and your fiance accountable to your vows forever?  Ok, on second thought, maybe not that easy.  There’s lots to consider as you choose bridesmaids and figure out a special way to ask them!

First things first, take a walk around the block with your fiance.  Discuss your initial feelings about the bridal party, like who you couldn’t live without and who is a possibility.  Before you do anything else, it’s helpful to decide on an ideal number for your party.

Next, take a look back on your life.  Scroll through old Facebook photos and high school yearbooks.  We think it’s important to have women standing beside you who represent different phases of your life.  Sisters, cousins, high school friends, past neighbors and college roommates are all women you’ll want with you.  The hard part will be narrowing it down!

Once you’ve selected your bridesmaids, it’s time for the all-important ask! Your fiance put a lot of time and creativity into his perfect proposal, and now you have to do the same.  Make your girls feel as special as you did on your proposal day.  See below for a list of bridal party invitation ideas:

How to Ask: 

  • Have special cards designed that say something like:
    • Will you be my bridesmaid?
    • Will you stand by my side when I become a bride?
    • If I promise no ugly dresses, will you be my bridesmaid?
  • Create a special bridesmaid survival kit that includes things like:
    • Nail polish
    • Photos of your possible bridesmaid dresses
    • Bobby pins
    • A special piece of jewelry
    • Body spray
  • Buy several bouquets of flowers and divide them up for your girls.  Give them the flower and a special note when you ask your bridesmaids in person.
  • Take each girl out for coffee or an ice cream date.  Tell them why you’d like them to be in your wedding and have a good, girly cry as you ask them to be a part of your big day!

After you’ve chosen and asked your girls, it’s time to get to work.  Divide up smaller wedding tasks to your maids and follow the checklist below for bridal party to-do’s.


  • Ask your girls in a way that makes them feel loved and special.
  • Choose a dress or style or color you’d like to have them wear.
  • Decide on shoes. Everyone picks their own style, or everyone wears matching shoes?
  • Reserve a make-up artist and hair stylist for your girls on the wedding day.
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