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Wedding Flowers: Roses

June 16, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love wedding flowers and we know you do too!

Have you started this huge task yet: picking out your wedding flowers.  There are bouquets to arrange, venue arrangements to coordinate, centerpieces to garnish and accent tables to decorate.  Each flower has its own meaning and season and will bring its own look to your big day.  So before you decide on your flowers, choose your colors, your dress and your overall vision for the day.  Classic or modern? Jewel tones or pastels? Themed or not? Once you’ve checked the first few items off the list and answered these important wedding day questions, you’re ready to embark on a flower filled journey to big day bliss!

Today, we’ll explore a fan favorite: the classic rose.  Ah, but there is more than one way to color a rose and signify its meaning.  This comprehensive color guide should help you out as you choose the best rose for your bouquets and table arrangements:

Red Rose: for lovers

This would be perfectly perfect for your celebration of love.  Accent with red roses or blow your guests away with large displays of all red.  It’s a classic favorite and it’s sure to stir up the love in everyone.

Yellow Rose: for friends and joy

Your bridesmaids are your besties, so why not sneak a few yellow roses into their bouquets? These flowers will remind your girls how special they are to you!  Bonus: for every year you’ve known a bridesmaid, place that number of yellow roses in her bouquet.

White Rose: for the humble and innocent

You are a bride clothed in white coming down the aisle to an all together jubilant groom.  Let your bouquet lead the way with an arrangement of all white flowers.  These white roses are fresh and bridal, perfect for any ceremony site.

Pink Rose: for gratitude and admiration

We think these pink pretties would be the best way of thanking mom’s and grandma’s with stunning corsages.  Add baby’s breath and some greenery for a more full look.  Bonus: small pink spray roses may offer more bang for your buck and give the same meaning.

Orange Rose: for enthusiasm

These colored flowers will offer a fun and unique look to your reception site.  Paired with white roses or hydrangea, the orange rose is sure to brighten up a room with just a few blooms.  Place them in smaller bud vases or bowls as accents to your table arrangements.

Roses are available anytime between spring and fall.  Your venue may have an in-house florist, but if not, stop by your local florist this summer to see the best they have to offer in rose selection.  They’ll be able to help you arrange the prettiest combination of flowers that expand on your sweet vision for the day.

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