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Wedding Budget: The Favors

January 11, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

Wedding planning sites and magazines abound with cute ideas for favors to help your guests remember your special day. Unfortunately, no matter the cost or the effort, wedding favors tend to be left at the end of the night. How do you create a memorable, budget-friendly gift that’s sure to leave an impression—and leave with your guests?

Think Theme Tailor your favor to your wedding’s theme or menu. Featuring local food or drink? Consider jars of honey, syrup, or jams. Catering farm to table? Tie ribbons and cards around seed packets so guests can grow their own heirloom tomatoes. Is your menu specific to your culture or heritage? Offer recipe cards featuring your favorite entrees and sides that made the day unique.

Think Mini Your guests will appreciate a small reminder of the day that won’t take up much space. Package favorite drink mixes in jars (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) or offer mini bottles of wine or champagne for a later celebration. After all, this is a day to “eat, drink, and be married.”

Think Talent Favors can be the easiest DIY of your day since they can be done well ahead of time. Consider your talent and get creative. Are you or close friends and family artistic? Mini canvases and easels with an original painting or custom designed print are a special gift. One bride, an aspiring potter, created teaspoon rests for her wedding guests to take home. Musical? How about a recording of favorite love songs to remember the day—or in today’s digital age, a card featuring free downloads of your music.

Think Useful If you want to be sure guests won’t leave empty handed, feature a favor that can be used right away. Drink koozis featuring creative sayings can be used at the reception, handmade soaps are easy to transport, and matches are classic for a reason, especially if you pair those matches with a votive candle featuring your new monogram. Depending on your wedding season, guests will appreciate a custom water bottle, lip balm, or even sunglasses so they aren’t “blinded by your love.”

Think Fun What would you like to take home from a wedding? Some couples are offering lottery tickets reminding guests of their vow “for richer or poorer”. Whimsical sayings abound for candies—you are “mint to be” or promising “hugs and kisses” for a lifetime. Need “s’more love” with individual s’more packets? For an after party snack that thanks guests for “popping by”, package popcorn kernels in glass jars, or go all out with a help yourself popcorn buffet as they leave.

The bottom line? Favors should remind guests of you and thank them for sharing in your special day. If, at the end of the night, you’re left with a basket full, remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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