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Wedding Budget: The Decor

December 28, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

If you’re not a crafty bride, your decor budget may seem extremely tiny to you. The thought of having to DIY your centerpieces or altar decorations may really terrify you.  Have no fear, though, there are other ways to skirt the budget on this one.  You don’t have to have a Dollar Store wedding to stay in the green. You’ll be surprised at the ways your dreams can come to life in simpler ways.

Don’t be afraid of Pinterest.  While DIY may intimidate you, Pinterest offers many helpful tutorials for wedding decor.  Be sure to try ideas out ahead of time and enlist some of your more creative bridesmaids to help in this endeavor.  If decor is a daunting task to you, don’t be afraid to reach out to your wedding venue, either.  Your wedding coordinator can point you in the right direction or offer simple solutions like the ones you’ll find below:

Wedding Decor Budget Tips:

  1. Ask your venue about adding centerpieces.  Some venues will rent centerpieces to their brides, saving them both time and money.  No one will have to worry about getting the centerpieces to the venue or setting them up.
  2. Take advantage of holidays.  If you’re getting married near a major holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas or the 4th of July, use them to your decorating advantage.
  3. Create simple table runners or overlays with some of your favorite fabric instead of using traditional centerpieces.  This will brighten up the tables and ensure that everyone can see each other.
  4. Buy decorations in bulk.  If you can find pieces you really like at decor superstores, you’ll save money and many trips to the store.
  5. Getting married after a few of your besties or family members?  Some of them may have kept pieces of their centerpieces or ceremony site decor. Ask around.  Then pick and choose pieces you really like.  Things like votive candle holders, table numbers and silk florals are great to borrow!
  6. Display photos.  Whether it’s engagement photos or photos from your dating years, your guests will love to see your smiling faces all around them.  Utilize photos in centerpieces and at the gift and guestbook table.
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