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Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

Unity Ceremony Ideas (Other Than Candles!)

August 14, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

There’s something so exciting about the idea of becoming one with the person you love on your wedding day. A husband and wife becoming one is traditionally symbolized by the lighting of one candle from two separate candles that represent the bride and groom. While there’s nothing wrong with a timeless tradition, we’re here to offer some unique unity ceremony ideas in case you’re looking for something a little different for your wedding.


Create a masterpiece frame in your home with a creative unity painting. Choose two different colors; they could be your wedding colors, favorite colors, or even colors that will match your new home. Then pour out your paint to make abstract art, use paintbrushes to trace an object, or paint over peel-off letters that spell your new last name or favorite quote.

Chocolate Milk

This fun unity idea is perfect for the chocoholics out there. Mix milk and chocolate syrup to symbolize two separate entities becoming one. You and your groom can even take a sip to calm any nerves!


Perfect for a beach wedding, this unity ceremony leaves you with a piece that can be kept and displayed in your home. All you need is two different colors of sand, a pretty jar to hold the sand, and two smaller jars for pouring the sand.

Add a twist to the sand ceremony by pouring your sand into an hourglass. You’ll be able to use that hourglass as a timer in your home, always remembering one of the best “times” of your life! Use this hourglass ceremony script for inspiration.

Glass Crystals

Combine glass crystals at your wedding, and then let Unity in Glass create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind glass keepsake for you and your spouse. You can choose from pendants, bowls, ornaments, and even more pieces for your special creation.

Spice Blend

Do you and your man love cooking together, or do you two just love food in general? Your unity ceremony is the perfect time to create a unique spice blend with your favorite spices. Save it forever or use it on special occasions to add some spice to your love.


Pour two different wines into a glass, and then take a sip of the blend that represents your new life together. Consider using dry and sweet wines, red and white wines, or your two favorite wines. And who knows? It may just become your new favorite drink.


Symbolize your vow to grow together by planting a tree (or any plant) for your unity ceremony. We even found the perfect tutorial for making this happen on your wedding day. Just don’t forget to water your plant…and your love!

Unity ceremonies are a beautiful way to symbolize joining lives and becoming one with your best friend. Instead of doing what’s always been done just because it’s tradition, consider a non-traditional unity ceremony that really showcases the unique couple that you are.

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