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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

September 19, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

Wedding cake toppers have been an integral but often overlooked part of the celebratory confection for a good number of years. Traditionally, they depict a bride and a groom standing together, or in an embrace of some kind.

Nowadays, many still do, but they also have more of a personal spin on them, reflecting each couple’s shared interests, passions, or even simply a more accurate representation of themselves. Below are just a few different categories to help inspire you in your search for a unique wedding cake topper.

Disney Cake Toppers:

For many, Disney movies played a major role in our childhood. Tales of princes and princesses, noble deeds, changed hearts, and true love made us dream of our very own happy endings. If you’re looking to bring a little of that fairy-tale magic to your wedding, there are a tremendous variety of Disney based wedding toppers sold on Etsy and places like Wedding Collectibles.

Nature-Based Cake Toppers:

Nature is always a fantastic source of inspiration for art, so why not use it to stir up ideas for your cake toppers? A pair of pinecones with a veil and a top hat would make an adorably quirky stand-in for the traditional couple. This precious pairing of ceramic owls, stamped with the words “I do” and “Me too”, present another option. Or perhaps this minimalist silhouette of a buck and doe fits your theme perfectly! Plenty of nature-inspired options out there are worth considering.

Pop Culture Cake Toppers:

If your passions involve movies, fantasy, gaming, or comics, a pop culture cake topper may be for you! These clay dragons, for example, are a sweet and charming way to incorporate a bit of myth and magic into your ceremony. Then again, maybe video games are more your style—they say the couple that plays together, stays together! Or perhaps you’ve found your very own Captain America—or you’re his Wonder Woman. There are cake toppers for that, too! With regards to film, few declarations of love on-screen are as iconic as Han and Leia’s “I love you/I know” exchange. If you’re looking to give a nod to a galaxy far, far away, this Star Wars silhouette of Han and Leia’s famous words is subtle enough to mesh well with any theme.

Personalized Cake Toppers:

Of course, if simplicity and elegance is what you’re looking for, a monogrammed cake topper emblazoned with your initials or your new status as Mr. and Mrs. might be the way to go. Another option is a customized figurine. A number of places will be able to create figurines that look remarkably like you and your spouse-to-be, making a one-of-a-kind piece you can treasure forever.

We hope this post provided you with some inspiration for making your wedding cake toppers as unique as you and your beau. If you have another idea not on this list, then you’re sure to be able to find a vendor who can meet your needs, be it online or in person!

Happy planning!

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