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Unadorned Wedding Cakes

March 14, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

There is, perhaps, no wedding tradition more anticipated than the cake. Flavors abound and couples have always sought creative ways to make sure the cake is the centerpiece of the reception.

For 2016, wedding cakes are shedding layers of fondant and intricate detail and embracing simplicity. These unadorned, or ‘naked’ cakes, welcome the rustic and organic trend so many couples have chosen.

Unadorned cakes are unfrosted—or the frosting is barely there, scraped over the layers and evoking a vintage, homemade vibe perfect for natural weddings. Between layers your bakery might add jam, fruit compote, or humble buttercream. Salted caramel, melted and drizzled, is a popular choice as well.

All flavors of cake are still fair game from decadent chocolate to classic vanilla to luscious lemon. Many couples choose from several flavors and create beautiful striped cakes in a subtle array of color and flavor.

Berries and fresh (even edible) flowers become natural toppers. For your seasonally themed wedding, local fruits, such as figs, a traditional symbol of bounty and love, might make an appearance. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or peaches attire your summer wedding cake, while cranberries beautifully grace harvest and Christmas themed weddings.

Peruse images and talk with your bakery about creating a cake that’s uniquely yours. After all, when it’s time for another anticipated tradition—that first bite you’ll share with each other—you’ll want to be happy with your choice.

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