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The Words

September 27, 2014 by Jennifer Speer

So you’ve finally narrowed down your guest list to that perfect number of invites. You’ve searched high and low and managed to find the perfect invitation. You’ve made all of the tedious decisions regarding what type of paper, font, and envelope to use. Maybe you’ve even purchased beautiful labels or hired a calligrapher. And suddenly you realize…you have to choose the wording for the invitation! Wait. What? There isn’t just one standard way to invite your guests to your wedding? Nope. There sure isn’t. And the last wedding invite you received, the one hanging on your fridge? Forget copying that particular bride’s wording. Odds are, her wedding was nothing like yours will be.


There are many different types of weddings today and many different types of families. Several of the former traditions that were once the norm are now a bit outdated. It can seem nearly impossible to choose the right wording to fit your particular situation and wedding. Are your parents hosting the affair or is it your fiancé’s parents? Is the wedding in a church or in a barn? Do you want the invitation to be romantic and slightly sappy, formal and traditional, or maybe unique and even a bit funky? These are all details you will need to consider eventually, but don’t worry! When you are ready, there are some great websites to help you out. Not only do they give you plenty of different samples you can duplicate, but they actually give you quite a few helpful tips and pieces of etiquette advice as well.





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