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The Two-in-One Wedding Dress

March 28, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

With all the decisions that go into planning your wedding, designers have solved at least one dilemma for brides. Want to change for the reception but can’t afford the splurge of two spectacular dresses for only one day?

Meet the Two-in-One wedding dress.

By making your dress easily convertible from ceremony to reception, designers have given every bride the option to embrace traditionally timeless and modern sophistication. Your formal fairy tale ball gown can now become a fancy beaded sheath by simply removing the voluminous skirt. Add a topper to your strapless gown so you have more support for the all night dance party. Or take away the long sleeves that were appropriate for your conservative church ceremony and loosen up for the conga line.

With so many receptions taking on a festive, casual atmosphere, brides can feel free to make the switch. The best time to change is usually during cocktails or appetizers, while guests are mingling and post-ceremony portraits are finished.

Many two-in-one options are available. You can indulge all your whims, from a cathedral length train that becomes short and sassy, to a sheer skirt that softens your ceremony look but makes your reception style an easy reveal.

Bottom line (whether it’s floor length or knee length), brides are choosing two-in-one wedding dresses that offer extra movement and fluidity so they can better enjoy the celebration. When looking for a two-in-one dress to suit your style, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Take pictures of yourself in both styles. Don’t just rely on the mirror, the consultant, or your mom’s opinion.
  • Practice converting from ceremony to reception. You’ll want to know how complicated this is, if you’ll need an assistant, and whether or not your undergarments work for each.
  • Remember the purpose. Changing your look without changing your dress should make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Ultimately, you should choose the dress that reflects your vision for each part of the day. If you want, indulge your inner princess and then, embrace the classy woman you’ve become.

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