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The Getaway Dress

November 10, 2014 by Jennifer Speer

The Getaway Dress

One of my favorite wedding traditions that has recently made its comeback is the getaway dress. While I’m not a huge fan of swapping dresses mid-celebration (as many celebrities are prone to do), I absolutely adore the idea of donning a short shift for a couple’s big exit. Historically, the custom arose from necessity and practicality, as newlyweds would leave for a honeymoon immediately following the reception. Now, however, it is less about tradition and more about a celebratory spirit and a stylish send-off. And maybe it’s a bit of a splurge as well. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to wear another gorgeous dress?!

So how do you pull this off? Well, it’s easier than you think. As your guests are lining up preparing to light sparklers, throw rose petals, or blow bubbles, you and a few of your bridesmaids can slip into a designated room, closet or bathroom at the reception site. You’ll need the help changing out of your dress, but this will also be a great time to say thank you and goodbye to some of the people that matter most. But don’t get so sentimental that you forget to assign someone to dress duty. This particular girl needs to know she is in charge of making sure your wedding gown is delivered to the correct location when the reception comes to an end.

You have many options when it comes to getaway dresses, but check out some of our favorite styles below.


Playful & Flirty Style: If you love unexpected colors and light-hearted detail, the getaway dress is the perfect time to be more expressive. Have fun with feminine embellishments, small-scale patterns, and different colors on the fabric.

getaway dress 1


Coral Sea Urchin by Christian Cota

getaway dress 2

Rachel Gilbert

getaway dress 3

Walk in Wonderland


Glam Style: If you feel like keeping even your getaway look a little bit glam and making a memorable exit, try wearing a dress that includes metallic details such as sequins, glitter, or intricate beading. If you decide you don’t want to change outfits completely, add a caplet with art deco detail over a strapless wedding gown.

getaway dress 4

Camilyn Beth

getaway dress 5

 Adrianna Papell (Nordstrom)


Romantic & Classic Style: If you love feminine lace, structured lines, scalloped edges, and satin covered buttons, take advantage of the getaway dress to highlight your romantic notions and classy charm.

getaway dress 8


getaway dress 10

Lavinia Dress (BHLDN)

getaway dress 9

Alice + Olivia Ingrid Sleeveless A-line Dress


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start shopping!

 (Featured Image Photo Credit: Emily McEwan at Style Market)

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