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The Getaway Car

November 13, 2014 by Jennifer Speer

The Getaway Car

Most brides have plenty to say about their reception, and one thing that almost every bride can agree on is that they never wanted the party to end. However, if you’ve arranged an unforgettable getaway car for your reception exit, you might feel slightly different at the end of the night. You’ll be ready for your guests to send you off in style before departing the venue.

Your big wedding exit is your last opportunity to impress your guests, and just like your getaway outfit we discussed in our last blog, your getaway car is a great way to showcase your sense of style as well. Whether you’ve chosen a dress that exhibits your playful side, your affinity for glitz and glam, your romantic notions, or your classic style, there’s definitely an appropriate getaway car for you and your groom.

And if style isn’t what you want to showcase, consider choosing something inspired by a hobby or an interest you two share such as a love of motorcycles or classic cars. Perhaps a loved one has a special vehicle they wouldn’t mind sharing for your big day. There are many different ways to get creative when it comes to choosing your getaway car. How will you choose to impress your guests? We can’t wait to hear your ideas! But first, check out some of our ideas below.


Playful and Unique Style

Surprise your wedding guests by climbing on a motorcycle (or better yet, a decorated sidecar) in your wedding dress! If you’ve planned a rustic, barn or outdoor wedding, you could leave on horseback or even on a tractor!




Bridal Bar


Glitz and Glam Style

A limousine has become a somewhat common way to leave your reception . Change it up just slightly by reserving a stretch limo or even a Hummer limo. Have a little extra cash left in the reception or honeymoon budget? Rent a helicopter to pick you up. Is your reception on the water? Board a yacht as you wave goodbye. You will definitely be the envy of all your guests.




Romantic and Vintage Style

Still have some energy after the reception is over? Ride away with your new husband on matching, vintage, beach cruiser bicycles. Or hire a horse drawn carriage to cart you away into your happily ever after.


Green Wedding Shoes


The Wedding Chicks


Classic Style

While leaving your reception in a decorated automobile is certainly a nod to tradition, it can also be reinterpreted to become new and personal.


Contemporary Bride


100 Layer Cake 


So whether you’re planning to ride a horse, rent a vintage car, or fly away in a helicopter, when you have a unique wedding getaway planned and awaiting you just outside the reception doors, we promise you won’t mind when it’s time for your party to start winding down!

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