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Something Blue…Part Two

October 27, 2014 by Jennifer Speer

Something Blue…Part Two

A friend recently told me about her Something Blue, and I just had to share the story. It is one of the more creative and heartfelt ideas I have come across. As you can see from her story below, not only did this hankie provide each of a group of 10 girls a blue item for her wedding, but it provides ongoing encouragement, support, and love to a group of friends bonded for life through their Something Blue.

“It all began when Alyson picked up the blue hankie on a trip to Florence, Italy. Every girl in our close-knit circle of friends has carried the hankie around her bouquet during her wedding ceremony. After carrying the hankie, the bride hung on to it until the following wedding, and when the time came, she was responsible for adding the initials and wedding date of the next bride. After the final friend was married, the hankie was put in a shadow box and hung in Alyson’s house. Although two of the girls in the circle of friends were married prior to the purchase of the hankie, their initials and wedding dates were added, and, to include them in the tradition, they each carried the hankie at the wedding rehearsal of another girl’s wedding.”

“In the time since Alyson brought the hankie back from Italy, it has traveled to Texas, Pennsylvania, Mexico, Maine and back to Texas. We have an agreement that whenever one of us is struggling with a difficult life situation, going through a big transition, or enduring a time of waiting, that particular friend is sent the shadow box for safe keeping until someone else needs the encouragement more. For example, I found the box on my doorstep this week with a sweet note of encouragement as my husband and I await our adopted child. Before me, the box was with a friend going through cancer treatment. Among a group of friends as large as ours, there is constantly something going on, and the hankie never fails to be a bright spot in each of our lives.”  — Cris Yarbrough

What a story! Not only is it unique, but it is a story of a group of girls bonded for life, in part because of their shared wedding tradition. Their Something Blue not only allowed them to fulfill the list of four objects from an old wedding rhyme, but it has given them a tangible way to support each other through life’s most challenging moments, even from miles away.



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