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Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Wedding Venue

August 15, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

Congratulations! You said, “Yes!”, and now you’re planning for your dream wedding day. The first item to mark off your TO-DO list is to nail down your venue. Keep your style in mind as your browse and visit venues. Do you want a cozy barn ceremony or an open-air ceremony with a gorgeous view of nature? Will the venue you have in mind have what you need to have your perfect wedding? Here are a few questions to ask when looking into venues.

  • Do you have my date available?

This one is quite important, and really should be the first question you ask since all other plans will depend on this one thing.

  • How many people can the space hold?

You of course want to make sure that the venue you’re inquiring about has enough space for your invited guests. It’s also worth inquiring if they have any additional seating available. At Marquardt Ranch, we have space for 310 guests for a seated dinner and 240 guests for a buffet dinner, and additional seating is available outside on the lawn.

  • What is the cost of the venue?

Another important question—you’ll want to make sure that the venue fits into your budget.

  • What items are included in the facility rental?

This information will be important in planning for other expenses. Whatever your venue provides will be something that you don’t have to find elsewhere, which can save both time and money!

  • If I planned an outdoor ceremony and it rains the day of my wedding, are accommodations available?

This one is also important—no ceremony should be ruined by unexpected shifts in weather! Here at Marquardt Ranch, we have an indoor venue every bit as lovely as our outdoor location.

  • How much is an additional hour?

Sometimes we all need a little extra time. You’ll want to know how much an additional hour at the venue will cost in case your ceremony or reception runs overtime.

  • Can I use my own vendors, or is there a preferred list of vendors the venue prefers?

You’ll want to know what you have to work with when it comes to vendors. You may find that it’s easier to work with a venue that has preferred vendors, or you may prefer to bring in your own.

  • Can I take my engagement and/or bridal portraits on location?

If you’ve found a venue that you’ve fallen in love with, you may want to have your engagement and/or bridal photos taken on location. This would also give your guests a glimpse of the area, too. If it’s something you’re interested in, make sure you check with your venue.

  • What items can we use for the send-off?

You’ll want to find out what your venue allows and doesn’t so that you don’t waste money on something you won’t be able to use. Many places won’t allow rice, due to concerns for local wildlife. If your wedding is taking place during the summer, or in a dry area, sparklers may be an unwise choice.

  • Is there a damage deposit?

Despite the best of intentions, accidents can happen. You’ll want to find out what the required deposit for damages is in the venue.

Take this list of questions to your first meeting with your potential venue! You’ll feel so much more at peace knowing all your questions we’re answered and you can move forward with the rest of your planning! Congratulations again!

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