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Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

May 2, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you’re sure to want nature to be front and center in your décor. But you don’t want empty tables either. As you choose centerpieces, keep in mind the natural elements of your venue.

Here are some great ideas for how to bring nature to the center of your table without breaking your budget. For a seamless look, talk to your florist about incorporating these for your outdoor wedding.

A Little Woody

In keeping with the rustic trend, wood of all shapes, grains, and textures is appearing all over wedding décor. Many of these ideas are DIY friendly and cheap items you can find – or forage from the forest.

  • Bundles of sticks tied with twine and accented with florals.
  • Tree stumps for casual seating.
  • Tree slices for stacking serving dishes, as place setting accents, or for holding votive candles.
  • Peels of bark for table accents.

A Little Natural

By using in-season flowers and plants, you not only reduce your budget, you can also pay homage to special places by using plants native to that region. As you choose centerpieces, consider these suggestions.

  • Moss as a table runner or accent. Ideal for summer.
  • Ferns are simple and reusable in your new home.
  • Succulents will stay vibrant throughout the day and transport easily as favors.
  • Tuck a glass votive in the flowerpot with a planting for an instantly romantic effect.

A Little Accent

When choosing holders for your centerpieces, select those pieces that fit your outdoor space. Glass, metals, wood, and fibrous materials will all enhance, rather than distract from your scheme.

  • Simply lovely holders include mason jars or tin cans.
  • Wrap glass bottles in hemp for a softer look.
  • Let your one main color pop, and keep everything else neutral.
  • Baby’s breath can fill any weak arrangement and is inexpensive and sweet.

Best wishes as you plan your outdoor wedding with centerpieces nearly as beautiful as the bride.


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