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Have Some Fun with These Guestbook Ideas

October 10, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

Once upon a time, guest books were exactly what they sounded like—books which bound together a record of the guests of the bride and groom and often contained space for the guests to leave good wishes for the new couple. Nowadays, brides have found increasingly unique ways to let their guests leave their mark. From board games to records to photo albums, the possibilities are nearly endless. Let this post inspire your own creative guestbook ideas!

Vintage Plates

Go shopping with your future husband in the months before your wedding at various thrift stores or antique markets and collect several vintage plates that you both like. Place them on a table at the reception alongside some permanent markers for your guests to sign them with. Once the wedding is over, use the plates to create a lovely and lasting piece of art.

Jenga Pieces

If you and your beau like playing games, consider leaving Jenga pieces in a glass bowl at your reception, alongside some sharpies or calligraphy pens. Your guests can leave their names and messages on each piece, and afterwards, you’ll be able to relive the memories and well-wishes of your friends and family whenever you sit down to play.

Birthday Calendar

If you want to make sure that you never forget any important days, consider leaving a planner and a few pens at a table so that your guests can sign their names on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Time Capsule Postcards

Another great idea is to have a series of postcards for your guests to sign. Leave a box on the table as well, with a slot big enough to slip the postcards in. Open the box and read their notes on your first anniversary, and see what messages they left you!

DIY Photo Album

Put a spin on the classic guestbook by using a Polaroid camera, some metallic markers, and an album full of black paper. Ask each guest to snap a photo of themselves and place it in the album alongside a message or their names.

Vinyl Records

If you and your man are music lovers, consider using old vinyls as a place for your guests’ autographs. Framed, they would make great pieces of art for a den or music room and serve as a wonderful way to memorialize the good wishes of your wedding guests.

Date Night Jar

Leave a bottle, some stationary, and some twine on a table. Ask your guests to write down their favorite date night ideas on the paper, then roll it up, tie it with twine, and drop it in the bottle. If you and your new husband ever need an idea for a fun night out, just open up one of the little scrolls and see what it says. Not only will it provide inspiration, but it can also be a great reminder of the friends and family who shared your special day with you.

Happy planning!

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