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Flowers: Lily of the Valley

June 30, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Like most things in the wedding industry, floral trends come and go.  These days, the more it looks like you gathered your flowers from your mom’s gorgeous garden, the trendier it is.  Today, some brides are choosing flower alternatives like succulents, silks or even brooches.  Bouquets are large and overflowing with stunning greenery in addition to the bright bulbs at their centers.

What were the trends of yesteryear?  Well, you’ve seen your mom’s wedding photos full of cascading bouquets or presentation arrangements for the beauty queen bridesmaid.  Many bouquets were made with a hook or handle that allowed the flowers to “fall” over the edge with a waterfall effect.  This also made them extra comfortable for those long ceremonies.

Because of their cascading characteristics, Lily of the Valley were quite popular in past weddings.  How can we combine decades of floral trends into a timeless piece for your big day?  The bridge is surely the bridal Lily of the Valley.  Once Princess Kate appeared at the cathedral doors with a long, lacy gown and a petite Lily of the Valley bouquet, the flowers gained immediate popularity.

Perhaps one of the strongest forces drawing brides to the Lily of the Valley for centuries is its meaning.  These bell shaped flowers stand for chastity, humility, purity and sweetness.  They are meant to bless marriages, or wish luck in love.  Their white buds match the purity that exudes from a white wedding gown and a glowing bride coming down the aisle toward her beloved. (Bonus: This may be the perfect flower for your wedding if you’re getting married in May, as it is May’s birth flower.)

So when do these precious, pure flowers spring up from the ground?  They bloom on the East and West coasts of the United States all spring long.  Staying with an in-season flower choice will be the best bet for your budget and will also ensure that your flowers are at their loveliest.  Oftentimes, it’s best to make your bouquet entirely out of Lily of the Valley, as more of them make better impressions than just one or two.

If you’re an extra adventurous bride who’s always looking for the next DIY project, you might try growing your own Lily of the Valley and adding them into your bouquet. You’ll be right up there with Princess Kate again, who chose the flowers from her home garden.  You can even plant the bulbs in pots or urns as long as you soak them in lukewarm water and snip the ends of the roots before planting.  Place them in a spot that will be soaked in good light all afternoon and remember to water generously and often.

Before you start the floral process, ask your mom for her wedding photos.  Take a peek at what was there and consider incorporating a bit of the past into your present.  It will be meaningful and–who knows– you may start a brand new trend!

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