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Flowers: Hydrangeas

June 23, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Hydrangeas have become quite popular in the world of wedding florals over the last few years.  We love spotting all-white bridal bouquets, made bigger and fluffier by these sweet bush flowers.  We’ve even come across bridesmaid bouquets of solely hydrangeas.  Beyond bouquets, these flowers look great in centerpieces, on place card tables and decorating your aisle at the ceremony.

While hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful, they are not known for being the hardiest flowers. The word “hydrangea” literally translates to water jug. Natives of Japan, these white, blue, pink or green florals desperately need to spend time in the water.  Often the flower has come to represent gratitude and graciousness.  Your bouquet will be forever grateful (and so will you when you look back on your wedding photographs) if you opt for silk hydrangeas in your bouquet.  With real flowers surrounding the silk hydrangeas, no one will ever be able to tell the difference. Your bouquet will look fresh and beautiful all day long.  Bonus: that means you can keep your silk wedding hydrangeas and display them in your future home for years to come.

Because of their spring through late summer season, the hydrangea is the dream summer wedding flower.  Mix and match these flowers with your favorite colored rose, spray rose or daisies.  This will bring a fresh and breezy look to your wedding day.

With the perfectly timed season and variety of colors, there are so many ways to incorporate this flower into your big day.  Try your hand here first:

  • Offset a black clad bridal party with pale blue or purple colored bunches of hydrangeas.
  • Place an assortment of colored hydrangeas in a tall vase, drape with pearls or sparkly jewels and you’ll have a simple, gorgeous centerpiece your guests will be fawning over.
  • Utilize lanterns or hurricane vases as showcases for silk hydrangeas.  Accessorize with tea lights and glass votive jars for beautiful mood lighting.
  • Create a garland to run down the center of a long dinner table, using added greenery and candles.

As you work through your bouquets and floral arrangements, be mindful of sizing.  Bigger is not always better when it comes to your flowers. A large bouquet will feel heavy standing at the altar.  A fluffy, eye-level centerpiece will block guests from seeing one another.  An oversized ceremony arch may get a little too top heavy to withstand a little breeze.  Just remember, your wedding flowers are there to help accent, not overpower, your beautiful wedding. Let your personalities and love be the focal point of a day you’ll remember forever and you can’t go wrong.

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