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Flowers: Baby’s Breath

July 7, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Not every bride will love exaggerated bouquets or understated centerpieces.  Not every bride would choose trendy pieces like a succulent nor would every bride choose classic all-white flowers.  But, regardless of where you fall on the wedding flower spectrum, there is one floral trait you can all agree on: versatility.  Versatility is never going out of style and, just as importantly, it generally means never going over budget.

Brides are looking for elements of their day that can pop all over the place.  From the ceremony to the reception to the send off, a streamlined look is almost always desired. How is this accomplished?  Through the work of budget conscious pieces that flow seamlessly from one wedding aspect the next.

Perhaps the best example of a seamless, versatile flower is Baby’s Breath.  Because of its thrifty price point and light, airy look, its highly desired by brides everywhere.  It’s a great statement piece or a perfect supporting role in almost every part of your wedding day.  Like the Lily of The Valley, baby’s breath reflects purity.  It usually associated with the pure of heart or the angelic, which is quite perfect for any bride.  Baby’s breath blooms throughout the summer and fall and are easily ordered through any florist.

Here’s a peak at where you can utilize baby’s breath best throughout your wedding day, from start to finish:

Wedding Week: 
Create a baby’s breath wreath for the front door of your room or house.

  • What You’ll Need
    • Oasis Floral Form Wreath (found on Amazon or at your local craft store)
    • Baby’s breath and lots of it
    • Water
    • Scissors
    • Ribbon
  • What You’ll Do
    • Wet the Oasis so that it holds equal amounts of water all the way around
    • Clip the baby’s breath a few inches and began placing into the wreath
      • You’ll have to play around with this step and see how tall each flower should be
      • The more baby’s breath, the better for a rounded, full look
    • Tie a sheer or white ribbon into a bow around the bottom of the wreath and hang up


  • Tie baby’s breath in bunches with sheer or white ribbon and use as chair bows or candle stick accents.
  • Decorate the altar or trellis with large puffs of baby’s breath.
  • Accent the guest book table or unity candle table with vases of baby’s breath.


  • Give your bridesmaids a lighter look with an entire bouquet of baby’s breath. Make sure to use enough so the bouquet looks full and round.
  • Accent your groomsmen with baby’s breath boutonnieres.  Tie with rafia or craft paper string.
  • Have your flower girls carry a ball of baby’s breath down the aisle instead of throwing petals.  Use an Oasis Floral Form ball and get crafty.


  • Jump on the trend train with a flower crown of baby’s breath.  A small crown will look great on you or your bridesmaids.
  • A larger, fuller crown is the perfect accessory for your adorable flower girls.


  • Baby’s breath accented by candles on your reception tables will create a romantic, ethereal glow thorughout your space.
  • Crush cellophane paper into large hurricane vases filled with water to give the appearance of ice.  Place baby’s breath in the vases for a complete, yet thrifty, look.

Baby’s breath, in all its forms, will keep your wedding day fresh.  There are plenty of ways to dress them up and down and we know you’ll have the best time playing around with these quick tips!

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