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Favorite Food Stations

June 2, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Like we learned with our Food Truck/Midnight Snacks, wedding food doesn’t have to be boring.  Gone are the days of buffets and personalized cocktails.  Gone are the days of traditional passed appetizers and ice sculptures.  Save all of that for your reception and break out a few fun food stations for your cocktail hour.  Your guests will thank you and you’ll get to showcase all your favorite foods.

Get started with a few of our tried and true favorites:

S’Mores Bar

You don’t need a bonfire and camp chairs to have a classic S’More dessert for your reception guests.  Try a rentable fire that allows multiple guests to roast their ‘mallows to perfection at the same time.  It’s a great spot for friends to mingle and chat and build a chocolatey (and wonderfully messy) S’More.

Popcorn Bar

Buy some popcorn kernels by the barrel at Sam’s or Costco and spend a few nights before the wedding having a popping party.  Serve it all in big burlap sacks with a side of seasonings and chocolate chips or M&M’s.  To add some flair, stamp your initials and/or wedding date on brown paper lunch bags.

Waffle Bar

This is the perfect station for a morning wedding!  Your friends and family will definitely indulge in these sweet treats, accompanied by fresh berries, chocolate chips and powdered sugar.  Order the waffles slightly smaller than usual or cut your homemade one in half to suit an appetizer portion.

Mimosa Bar 

At a cocktail hour, you certainly can’t forget the drinks!  And once again, your morning wedding guests will love this refreshing specialty drink.  Provide several juice options, your favorite champagne and a variety of fresh fruits.  Display in white bowls and clear carafes to give it a clean-cut, classic look.

Puppy Chow Bar 

Give into that sweet tooth, even on your wedding day.  By now, you’ve probably pinned 16 variations of this childhood classic–from Nutella to cinnamon roll.  Put those recipes and your bridesmaids to work in the kitchen during the week of the wedding.  You’ll have lots of time to talk and reminisce as your mixing the ingredients up in your kitchen. Don’t forget the brown paper lunch bags with a touch of personalization!

There are so many ways to personalize this fun wedding trend! We dare you to think of all the ways you can dazzle your guests with a sweet surprise before the dinner is served and the dancing begins.  We promise they’ll be forever grateful for a unique gift from their favorite couple!

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