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Entertain Guests with Outdoor Games

September 5, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

With summer drawing to a close and milder days on the horizon, now is a great time to think about outdoor games for your reception. The Marquardt Ranch is especially suited to outdoor weddings, nestled as it is in the natural beauty of Boerne, Texas. While we have a beautiful barn onsite that can be used if you prefer an indoor venue, or in the case of inclement weather, the real gem of Marquardt is the gorgeous riverside bluff and surrounding area that comprises the main portion of our wedding venue. Why not make use of all of that gorgeous outdoor space by incorporating outdoor games into your reception?

I Spy

If you’re open to allowing smartphones and cameras at your reception, consider printing up a list of moments or images for your guests to capture. Not only is this fun for guests of all ages, but you might even catch moments that your wedding photographer missed—after all, they can’t be everywhere at all times!


Already a classic at bar-b-ques and tailgate parties, this classic beanbag game is great for weddings as well. Personalize the bases with silhouettes of the bride and groom, or have beanbags made in the colors of your wedding, then let the friendly competition begin!

Ring Toss

Perfect for a rustic, vintage, or even carnival themed wedding, ring toss is another classic outdoor game that is fun for all ages. Re-purpose a few glass soda bottles for each set of targets, and keep them in a small box constructed of unfinished wood. Add a few rings and perhaps some paint in your desired color and you’re ready to go.


Another classic outdoor game, horseshoes requires a good deal of space but has a simple and easy set up. Two steel rods sunk into the ground surrounded by a square of sand in a wooden frame create the bases, and all you need beyond that are the horseshoes themselves. It’s said to be good luck for a bride to carry a horseshoe on her wedding day—and perhaps it’s even better luck to win a game of horseshoes!

Outdoor Checkers

Remember playing checkers outside Cracker Barrel when you were little? Why not bring those memories back to your wedding guests as well? Use a checkered blanket and Frisbees or paper plates in red and black to get the game started.

Lawn Darts

Banned at one point due to their sharp tip, modern lawn darts now have blunted, weighted heads to make pitching them a bit less hazardous to anyone near the other end of the playing field. This is a game that can be played one-on-one or in teams—so why not have the opening match be the bride and her bridesmaids vs the groom and his groomsmen? After that, open the game up for everyone else.


As far as outdoor games go, this one is on its way to becoming as classic as horseshoes. Like cornhole, it is a common sight at lawn parties and other outdoor events, and it, too, would transition perfectly to an outdoor wedding reception. This game is great for folks of all ages, from the flower girl to the mother of the bride. Just grab a partner and have fun!

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