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Dress Shopping: Who to Take With You

September 21, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Raise your hand if you’re a Say Yes to the Dress junkie.  It’s fine, you can admit it.  We’re sure if we got all our brides in a room together, we’d be able to hash out hours of our favorite SYTTD moments from over the years.  And, if we’re honest, I’m sure some of the best moments of all time would be chalked up to those TV brides’ entourages.  You know, the 7+ people every Kleinfeld bride brings along with score cards and loud opinions and lots of tears.  We don’t know about you, but we think those moments are cringe-worthy. Sometimes, they’re the stuff nightmares are made of.

How can you avoid the wrong entourage? Who are the people that absolutely must be along for this moment? And how do you make this dress shopping experience a fairy tale dream instead of a reality show nightmare? Well, we’ve got a few ideas.

Once you’ve nailed down your dress ideas and the spots you’ll shop for that gorgeous garment, it’s time to head out to your appointments.  We’re not here to demand you take certain people over others. We’re simply here to get your thoughts started and assure that your dress shopping experience goes down in history as the best ever:

  1. Make a list.  That’s right, pull out the old pen and paper and start writing down all the important people in your life.  Anyone.  Everyone.  Put down your family, your in-laws, your bridal party, your college besties.
  2. Now, cross off anyone who wouldn’t be able to come–be it distance or otherwise.
  3. Put the list away, go to sleep and come back to it in the morning.
  4. Cross of a few more names. Start by solidifying the people you HAVE to have and work backwards.  You can do it!
  5. Sit down with your mom.  Make a cup of coffee or tea and chat through the people left on the list.  Regardless of your relationship with your mom, this moment is once in a lifetime. She will want to be there and she may have an opinion on who else should come.  We know it’s your day, but we also know that the best memories are made with those you love so make sure they’re all there!
  6. Whittle down your list a little more after your chat with mom.  We suggest that entourages be no more than 5, but that is 100% up to you.  After you’ve got your final crew, send a note or a nice text inviting them to share in your joy.  Make them feel special, too!

Whoever you choose to bring along on this special adventure will be so thrilled that you’ve asked.  They will want to celebrate with you, and you’ll be so glad they’re there when you’re all doing a happy dance.  Make this moment one that lasts forever in your mind by rounding up all those who mean the most!

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