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Dress Shopping: What To Bring To Your Appointment

October 5, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

If you’ve already booked a few bridal salon appointments, your next question might look something like this one: What else should I know?  Well, we’ve equipped you with the best tips we’ve got concerning your entourage and accessory shopping, but there is one last item on the agenda.  When you’re getting ready for your dress appointment, you should pack a few things to take along with you. You want to be comfortable and prepared so as to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.  If you need to put Mom or Maid of Honor in charge of this list, you can always hand it off, but make sure you bring the same things to each appointment.

Before you load up on these supplies, take a few minutes to relax. You don’t want to go to your appointments feeling nervous or anxious.  Drink a glass of iced water or a cup of tea and see if you can swindle a loving family member into a quick foot rub.  This will help calm your nerves and also give you an avenue to release any emotions you may be feeling before the appointment. Remember, your dress is out there; you will find it.  Walk into your appointments with that attitude and a relaxed entourage and you’ll be ready for whatever the day holds.

In addition to a few minutes of pure relaxation, we recommend bringing (or wearing or doing) the following items with you to your dress appointments:

  1. A well fitting strapless bra
    • Regardless of whether or not you want a strapless dress, it will be easier to try dresses on and get the full effect without having to tuck in bra straps.
    • Be sure the bra fits you well and isn’t too tight.
  2. A new pair of undies
    • Don’t just wear your ratty old laundry day pair.  Splurge on a new pair of neutral colored underwear with full coverage.
    • It’s helpful to choose a pair that sits closer to your waist.  We recommend a lace trim so as to have a smooth undergarment look.
  3. Photos of your dream dress
    • Come armed with photos and adjectives that describe what you’re looking for. While you may not end up with exactly what you’ve always pictured, it helps stylists to have a direction to go in.
  4. Put on make-up
    • It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but do your usual makeup routine so you’re not distracted by a sudden zit.
  5. Do your hair
    • Once again, this doesn’t have to be something over the top.  Pull out your straightener and run it through your hair a few times or throw it up in a sock bun.
    • Note: In future appointments–once your dress has been chosen–you may want to have your wedding hair stylist do a trial run of your wedding day hair to see how it looks with your dress.

Once you’ve got all these items set aside and you’re wearing a favorite or most comfortable outfit, you’re all set to head to the salon.  Remember to soak up each moment of your appointments.  These are memories you won’t ever want to forget!

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