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Dress Shopping: Shopping for Accessories

September 28, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

Shopping for your wedding dress may be one of the sweetest parts of the wedding planning process.  It’s a once in a lifetime moment, walking out in a white gown you’ve dreamed of for as long as you can remember.  You’ll never forget who you took with you, where you bought that priceless dress and the look your fiance gave you when he first saw you coming down the aisle. However, sealing the deal on your dress is hardly the end of the shopping task item on your to-do list.

In between multiple fittings for your wedding gown, you also have to select all the accessories that will make your dress sparkle even more!  There’s a few decisions to make when it comes to these accessories and we’ve got a few tips to make it even simpler.

Wedding Dress Accessories:

  1. Veil
    • Decide first whether or not you will wear a veil.
    • Next, decide your veil’s length:
      • Short
      • Fingertip length
      • Cathedral length
    • Decide whether or not your veil will have any additional detailing.
      • Lace
      • Sparkles/beading
    • Bonus: Will you wear a blusher?
  2. Belt
    • Does your dress need an added sparkle or detail?
    • Most dress salons have a wide selection of gorgeous belts that can be added to your dress in alterations.   At your next dress appointment, try on a few different belt styles and see if there’s one for you.
  3. Jewelry
    • Decide which of the following (or all, perhaps) that you will wear on your wedding day.
      • Earrings: statement or simple?
      • Necklace: chunky or thin?
      • Bracelet: just one or a few?
    • Decide on one coherent “theme” for your jewelry.
      • Pearls
      • Rhinestones
      • Diamonds
      • Colored gems
    • Decide where to find your jewelry.
      • You may choose to use one or more of your jewelry pieces as your “something borrowed”. In this case, raid your mom’s jewelry box or your grandma’s heirloom pieces.
      • If you need to see and touch your jewels, browse department stores and fine jewelry stores.
      • If not, try your luck on Etsy for handmade pieces.
  4. Shoes
    • Decide first on your shoe height.
    • Next, decide on your shoe style. Bear in mind your ceremony and reception location.
      • Flat
      • Sandals (without heel)
      • Toms
      • Wedges
      • Peep toe pumps
      • Pointy toed pumps
      • Sandals (with heel)
    • Decide on a color palette.
      • Will your shoe be your “something blue”?
      • Will you match your bridesmaids or your wedding color palette?
      • Will you wear traditional white or silver or gold?
    • Decide where to buy your shoes.
      • You may find a large selection of bridal shoes at your bridal salon. However, that’s not the only place to look.
      • If “bridal shoes” aren’t your style, look through your favorite department stores or a local DSW or Off Broadway shoe warehouse.
  5. Headpiece
    • Decide if you will wear a headpiece. Whether or not you choose to wear a veil, a headpiece could still be appropriate.  Try on a few different styles.
    • Decide which type of headpiece you’ll wear:
      • Headband
      • Brooch
      • Flowers or flower crown
      • Jeweled bobby pins

Just like with any great outfit, accessories make or break us.  Choose the accessories that best fit your style and your wedding dress.  Don’t bog yourself down with too many, but select the ones that make you feel fabulous!

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