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DIY Wedding Placecards

DIY Wedding Place Cards

September 25, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

With so many details that make up one’s wedding day, DIY brides have endless opportunities to showcase their creativity. Are you a DIY bride? If so, don’t settle for boring place cards on the best day of your life. Instead, look at some of our favorite creative place card ideas below. Then grab your girls and start creating!


Are you and your groom world travelers or adventurers at heart? Give your guests a little taste of the world with place cards made out of maps. Use old maps, new maps, local maps, state maps, or world maps. Cut the maps into small squares, and use a calligraphy pen or Sharpie to write each guest’s name on a square. Lay the square flat on the guest’s plate, or fold in half and have it stand on their plate for added dimension on the table.

Wood Slices

Having a rustic or woodland themed wedding? Buy wood slices at your local craft store and write or paint your guests’ names on them. You could also make notches in the wood slices and use them to hold a paper place card.


If you’re a fall or winter bride, this one is just for you. Golden leaves are a stunning touch for any reception. Collect leaves from your own backyard, and try to find ones that aren’t too flimsy or too crunchy. Once you’ve picked out the best leaves, spray paint them gold. Once they’ve dried, use a paintbrush or calligraphy pen to write your guests’ names on the leaves.

Tip: Don’t make these too far in advance. The leaves will become more brittle as they sit, and will be more likely to break if they sit in a box too long. Additionally, be sure to keep a few spare leaves in case of any misspellings or broken leaves!


Mini pumpkins make the cutest place cards. They can be a little tricky to paint on, but you and your artsy friends will have a blast making these together. Isn’t this what are bridesmaids for, anyway?

Another option is to tie a paper place card to the pumpkin stem. This is a bit easier than writing directly on the pumpkins, and it’s just as cute! You can even spray paint the pumpkins gold for a classy touch.


Why not give your friends and family place cards they can enjoy? If you love baking, bake cookies and use icing to write guests’ names on their cookie. If you have too much on your hands to cook hundreds of cookies (after all, you’re getting married!), you can also order custom cookies with your guests’ names on them.

Wedding place cards are the perfect way for DIY brides to shine. Try one of these creative place card ideas for your big day, or be inspired to bring your own idea to life.

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