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DIY Wedding Invitations

March 20, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

This week, we’ve got another great DIY project to light your creative spark—DIY wedding invitations! We’ve highlighted some of our favorite ideas for you from least to most involved. Maybe they can give you some ideas for your own DIY invitations, but if not, check out this site for even more options!

A Touch of Personality: Envelope Liners

We absolutely love this darling idea from Buckets and Bunches. If you find a unique fabric that you adore, you can easily use it to create liners for your invitation envelopes. This clever DIY is a great option for personalization, and it can add a wonderfully classy and upscale look to your wedding invitations as well.

Rubber Stamp Art

Oh So Beautiful Paper offers examples of the vast array of styles and themes brides can achieve by DIYing invitations with rubber stamp art. The options and versatility really are endless. With the range of colors and stamp designs available, including custom stamps, one simply needs to narrow down the color of ink she wants, the design–or multiple designs–of stamps she wants and get busy on the tedious task. Although it can be time consuming to stamp your own invitations, you can make the most of it by hosting an invitation-making party with your bridesmaids. Put out some coffee, tea, and pastries, turn on Pandora, and enjoy the conversation and laughter that is sure to accompany a girls’ party.


If you have an eye for design, you may want to create your own invitation template and then print them yourself. A few hours in Microsoft Office or on a website like Canva and you can whip up a quality invitation all on your own. Alternatively, you can buy wedding invitation suites from places like this and assemble your own. Another option is to take decorated pieces of paper or card stock and use a personalized wedding stamp to stamp the information onto each invitation.

Full DIY

Maybe you want to have a hand in every part of the invitation creation, from the envelope to the font choices and everything in between. If so, Mountain Modern Life has a fantastic set of instructions for making your own chic and rustic wedding invitations, from start to finish. This concept would be easy to adapt for any other wedding theme as well, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Happy planning!

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