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DIY Photo Booths

April 11, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, beautiful, and tons of fun for their guests and wedding party alike. A photo booth—complete with props and a backdrop and picture strips—is one of the easiest ways to go from formal ceremony to cut loose reception.

DIY your own photo booth with these great ideas. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you like—just don’t forget the camera!

Backdrops and Beyond

Building your own backdrop frame from PVC pipe is an affordable process (or you might ask your photographer if they have one you can borrow). Then, simply choose the backdrop that best suits your style.

  • Wallpaper or fabric can come in any color or pattern imaginable.
  • Stuff chicken wire with tissue paper for a gorgeous ombre of color.
  • Mount a thin board and paint it with chalkboard paint so guests can write you messages.
  • Grab some metallic fringe from a party store and create a shimmering curtain.
  • Hang strips of ribbon and lace for your vintage or Boho Chic vibe.
  • Create a “wall” of fresh flowers.

Or think beyond the traditional backdrop and try these set-ups.

  • Add a little whimsy with balloons. You can even have them tied together in a heart shape.
  • Cluster hay bales and vintage frames against your gorgeous natural backdrop during an outdoor reception.
  • Cut a large Polaroid style frame and have guests hold it up. If you have someone willing to take on the duty, you could even use an actual Polaroid camera!
  • Set out a vintage sofa or bench with pillows and a mosquito netting drape for a soft Bohemian look.

Light It Up

Lighting is essential to great photography, and if your outdoor reception is going into the evening, or your indoor venue only has a dark corner available for your booth, you’ll need to add some lighting elements. These ideas are pretty and functional.

  • Twinkle lights aren’t just for Christmas. They string nicely around almost anything and create a beautiful ambiance.
  • Globe lights have become popular and easy to find. Drape these over your backdrop for an instant glow.
  • Lanterns double as props and light. Choose a metallic finish that compliments your color scheme and then re-use them in your future home!

Get Prop Happy

A photo booth is an excellent place for everyone to embrace the sillier side of their nature. Sure to create laughter and jokes for days to come, props are the simplest way to liven up your photos. Try these suggestions or come up with your own tailored to your specific tastes.

  • Hats are a must. Think fedoras, sombreros, cowboy hats, or even baseball caps of favorite—or sworn enemy teams. That will spark conversation!
  • Feather boas are cheap and fun. Grab several in a variety of colors and be amazed at who will wear them, even outside the booth.
  • Glasses come in all shapes and sizes. Get a variety and let the fun begin.
  • The ‘stach is back and makes a popular prop for gentlemen and ladies alike. Use a cutout to create a wide array of mustache styles for your guests to wear.
  • Costume jewelry can be found at any good thrift or party store. Don’t forget the Mardi Gras beads!

Your photo booth will occupy your guests in that lull between ceremony and reception, create fun memories, and give everyone something to laugh over all night long.

What are you putting in your booth?


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