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DIY Ombré Candles

August 8, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

DIY ombré candles are incredibly simple to make and can add a lovely personalized touch to any wedding. Plus, they can serve a dual purpose on your wedding day by making fantastic favors or gifts for guests and providing soft and subtle lighting during your reception all in one. What bride doesn’t like a wedding touch that can serve two purposes?


  • Glass jar, vase, or container
  • White candle wax
  • Colored wax
  • Scented oils (optional)
  • Disposable can (used for melting the wax)
  • Candle wicks
  • Double boiler


  • 3-4 hours, including hardening time


  • Very easy


  • Using the double boiler, melt white wax and colored wax in the can. This will be the base shade and the darkest of the three, so you’ll want to use the greatest quantity of colored wax in this layer. If using scented oils, drop in a few drops of your chosen fragrance into the melting wax.
    • While your first layer of wax is melting, measure and trim the candle wick to fit inside your container.
    • Using your hands, warm up a small amount of the white wax by rubbing it between your palms. Press it to the bottom of the jar over the base of the wick to keep the wick in place.
  • Pour the first layer of wax into the jar. Place in the fridge and let harden for one hour.
  • Melt a bit more white and colored wax, this time using a lesser amount of the latter. If using scented oils, put a few more drops in this batch of melted wax. Once the first layer is fully hardened, pour this second layer of wax onto it and allow the entire thing to harden again.
  • Repeat these steps, using less colored wax for each layer, until you’re a few inches from the top of the candle. Let harden completely before lighting.

Notes and Twists:

  • In order to avoid cracking, you may wish to let the candle harden on its own rather than chilling it in the fridge.
  • Using scented oils can offer a great chance to personalize your candle even more. If your wedding is themed around a particular season, consider using blends reminiscent of the time—like evergreen or spiced oranges for a winter wedding, or citrus for a summer wedding.
  • This particular tutorial is for ombré candles, but the basic principle can be applied to any sort of handcrafted candle. If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, consider using complimentary or contrasting color blocking to make three distinct layers, rather than the subtle fade provided by the ombré.
  • The container can be as important as the candle itself—find some that match the theme of your wedding! If you have a rustic theme, consider using mason jars with twine and ribbon tied around them. If you’re looking for an elegant or contemporary piece, consider using bud vases or slender cylindrical vases.

Thanks to for the original instruction set!

Happy planning!

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