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DIY Wedding Guestbooks

DIY Wedding Guestbooks

July 24, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

We’ve talked before about unique guestbooks for your wedding, but today we want to share a few DIY guestbooks that your guests will actually want to sign and you’ll want to keep. These guestbooks are easy to make, fun to sign, and perfect for displaying in your new home.

World Map

Are you and your honey world travelers, or do you hope to be? Create this fun and easy world map guestbook. (You could also use a map of your home state or where the two of you met.) Your guests can sign wherever they choose– maybe their favorite vacation spot or dream destination! After your big day, you can frame the map and hang it up as a unique wedding-day keepsake and adventure inspiration.

Another option is to use a globe as your guestbook. Leave the map visible or paint over it for a clean look. Display the globe on a coffee table or bookshelf in your new home to remember that you are loved and adventure awaits!

Board Game

A lot of couples have their guests sign Jenga pieces, but why not switch it up a bit? If you two are board gamers, have your guests sign your favorite game board (Monopoly, Sorry, Risk, etc.). Reading the notes as you play your favorite game will turn your next game night into a trip down memory lane.

If you prefer card games, provide a deck (or two) of cards for your guests to sign. The first time you play your favorite card game as a married couple, you’ll be reminded of your family, friends, and best day ever.


This multi-purpose DIY guestbook serves as a unique and reusable cornhole set, as well as a fun game for your wedding guests!

To add a twist to the classic cornhole rules, let your guests write a point value (positive or negative!) next to their names. Next time you play cornhole with your spouse, you have to take the points your beanbag lands on; that is, unless you make it in the hole!


This guestbook is for the word lovers and bookworms. Have your friends sign by choosing their favorite word, a funny word, a word that reminds them of you, or whatever you want! Because every home needs a dictionary, right?

Alternatively, you could ask your guests to sign a Bible and highlight their favorite verse, then use it as your family Bible.

Tip: Provide journaling pens for your guests to sign with. These pens won’t bleed through the thin pages.      

Your guestbook doesn’t need to be something that collects dust. Use one of these easy ideas to turn your guestbook into something memorable and display-worthy!

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