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Creative Save the Date Ideas

May 16, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

As busy as everyone is these days, it’s a good idea to consider sending a save the date before you send formal invitations. This is especially true if you have family and friends who will be traveling and need an extensive amount of time to prepare.

But save your formality for the invitations and let your creativity out for save the date. These ideas are sure to make this one of the most fun items of your wedding plans!

Picture Poses

You can’t go wrong with a picture of yourselves, and this is a great way to introduce each other to those extended family and friends who might not have been around for your courtship. Think beyond the dreamy sunset pose and use this picture to share something unique about yourselves.

  • Incorporate items that are sentimental or invoke your theme. One couple posed behind a fence hung with cattle tags that depicted their date. This immediately set the tone for their rustic, Texas wedding.
  • Use your beloved pets – or your children. They, of course, are part of this new family, too, and should be included as much as possible. Sweet sayings like “Our humans are getting married” or “My dad is marrying her mom on – ” make these fun and memorable.
  • You can’t go wrong with a chalkboard quote. These are all over social media, so don’t get overwhelmed as you search! A favorite? “I stole her heart/So I’m stealing his last name.”

Pick a Package

Think beyond the standard envelope and package these creatively. Packages stand out in the mail, and your invitees will be much more likely to open and remember to mark their calendar for this occasion!

  • Think passports or maps for destination themed weddings.
  • Send stickers with mini calendars. Now your friends and family can look at your smiling faces every time they flip to your wedding month.
  • Ticket stub styles for the sports enthusiasts are a sure hit. “Admit one for the biggest game of our lives.”
  • Get your DIY fix with tie the knot tri-folds. Requiring the finest motor skills of you (or your wedding party), these sweet cards remind your guests this is a serious event but you’re still whimsical at heart. As they open each side of the card, the twine you’ve affixed to each side will pull the knot tight.

Favor the Date

If you love gift giving, go ahead and start early with save the date favors. These are simple and fun. Who doesn’t love a present and an invitation to a party?

  • Tiny pencils with cards that say “Pencil us in for – !”
  • Magnets of any shape or style. Laser cut outs are easy, inexpensive, and come in almost any shape. Mason jars, hearts, or your wedding state are great choices. After all, Texas is the biggest state in the union, so there’s plenty of room for all the information!
  • Share your sweet tooth with custom sugar cookies decorated with a calendar and a heart to mark the date.
  • Custom paper coasters are inexpensive and lightweight. Perfect for the mail.
  • For the literary lovers, bookmarks are a great way to remind your guests that they’ve “been booked for – “.

Have fun and remember the most important thing you can tell everyone is you can’t wait to celebrate, and they’re invited!

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