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Battle of the Wedding Band vs. DJ

May 12, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

We’ve all been apart of the fabled middle school dance.  You know, the one where a large chasm of a dance floor separates boys, who are undoubtedly eating, and girls, who are undoubtedly planning their next group trip to the restroom.  It’s a scene burned into our minds until the end of time, one of complete and utter hopelessness.

And one that you never want to see repeated again on your wedding day.

Receptions are the time to celebrate!  You are MARRIED!  So you roll out the speeches and the father/daughter dance and the four course meal and then you let the real party begin.  But how do you assure the awkward separation of genders does not rear its ugly head?  How do you select the right playlist? How do you figure out if bands or DJs are right for you? Ah, you’ve come to the right place.

The Wedding Band 

Wedding bands are making a comeback, hence their spot in our trendy series this month.  You can find all sorts of bands, from classical to covers.  You may even be able to select each musician individually and piece together your own dream band.

Because bands are making a major comeback, pay attention to the bands at the weddings you’re attending prior to yours. Decide which vibe you like best and get their business card and availability before leaving the reception.

A live band is best for you if you love the dance floor.  They perform best when they have an audience and a full dance floor definitely provides all that.  Find ways to get your friends on the floor with you, whether that means adding a song request line on your RSVP card or assuring that your old college favorite will be played at the top of the list.

The DJ

The wedding DJ has been a consistent trend of the last few years, if you’ll allow the term “consistent trend”.  Of course, the DJ is the safe route.  You don’t have to worry if guitars are tuned or if vocal chords are warmed up.

Be sure to fill out some kind of survey or give your DJ a list of songs that must be played throughout the night.  And, of course, they’ll need to know the staples such as first dance and father/daughter dance. Such monitoring gives every bride what they want: ultimate control.  Embrace it and be sure to respond timely and in an effective way.

A DJ is best for you if you have a time-crunched reception.  Some reception halls have a tight time limit of 4 hours, including a plated and served dinner, speeches and dancing.  In such a situation, you need as much time on the dance floor as possible.

So whether you choose a funky band or a turn table DJ, make your reception dancing some of the best in recent years.  Your friends won’t remember the kind of chicken they chose or the bouquet toss as much as they’ll remember breaking it down alongside their bride bestie to “Yeah!” by Usher.

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