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Avoid Becoming Bridezilla

August 30, 2014 by Jennifer Speer



Bridezilla. We’ve all heard the term, and most of us have known one or two. This is the bride that allows her wedding season to transform her from the sweet, beautiful, loving friend that you’ve known your entire life, into…well…the bride version of Godzilla. Hence the name. There are few girls (if any) who enter into their wedding journey in hopes of becoming Bridezilla, yet it happens often. So how do you avoid this all too common scenario? Check out the list of suggestions below, in no particular order.

1.  Stay Organized and Ahead

Stress is one of the fastest ways to create Bridezilla. A bride gets behind in her planning, her To Do list is growing faster than she can mark things off the list, and she slowly begins to fall apart. This can easily be avoided! Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already behind, set aside a day (or maybe an entire weekend) to make a plan and get yourself organized. Do some research on all the tasks that need to be done before your big day. Purchase a wedding notebook with helpful tools and checklists to help you stay organized throughout the process. And ask for help! If you can’t hire a professional wedding planner to artfully master all of the details for you, ask your friends and family. No one can plan and implement a wedding alone. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your mom, your mother-in-law, your bridesmaids, and especially to friends and family who aren’t playing a specific role in the ceremony. Most people will be honored to be a part of your special day – no matter how small the part!

2.  Ask for Accountability

Just like you’re going to need help staying organized and getting everything ready, you might also need help remembering to be yourself, the best version of yourself. Ask a couple of trusted friends to let you know if they think you’re becoming a little too self-absorbed or inconsiderate. Make sure you ask someone who can tell you delicately and at the right time. This is certainly not the time to ruin a friendship, and the last thing you need during this season of your life is added drama. And Ladies, don’t ask your fiancé for help holding you accountable to this. There are already too many potential stressors when planning a wedding. I see no reason to add to that list, do you?

3.  Eat and Sleep

This one is pretty self-explanatory but annoyingly irritating at the same time. Who wants to eat when you’re trying to make sure you fit into that gorgeous dress that must have been made solely for you based on it’s absolute perfection?! And sleep? Oh, we can sleep later…after the parties, the showers, the planning, the shopping, the packing, the pedicures, the hair appointments, the thank you notes, the dress fitting, the cake tasting…the list goes on and on, right? Well, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but you’re wrong. If you think you can be your beautiful, happy, lovely self without eating and sleeping, you better think again. Be smart about the way you eat. Make healthy food choices MOST days, and minimize the number of days you don’t get 8 hours of sleep. Set yourself up to be in a great mood every morning!

4.  Remember: This Isn’t Really All About You

What?!?! Shocking, I know. As women, we have been conditioned to believe that our wedding day (and pretty much every day leading up to it, right?) should be all about us. Well, I hate to burst yet another bubble, but that’s not exactly true. Sure, you are the bride, and you get to be in charge of planning this whole shindig. All your friends and family will buy you beautiful things and throw you amazing parties. You will be the center of attention walking down that aisle. And you will be the one everyone is watching on the dance floor. So yes, much of this season will be focused on you. But make it a priority to focus on the other people, the very important people, who will be affected by your wedding day. Your husband, future in-laws, parents, siblings, BFFs, and even your vendors will all experience this with you! They will take memories away from this, and they will each learn more about the person you are throughout this process. Don’t become so focused on yourself and what you want that you forget about all the people who love you and will continue to be a part of your life long after this event is over.

Tip: Make yourself a few little reminders, sticky notes strategically placed around your house or perhaps even lipstick notes on the mirror, to remind you to think about those that matter most.

5.  Have Fun!!!

Choose every day to have fun no matter what comes your way. This should be the easiest task of all! Remember: something WILL go wrong. Decide how you will act when that happens BEFORE it actually does. After-all, you are about to marry your best friend and the love of your life. Isn’t that worth making the journey fun along the way? I certainly think so.

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