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A Sweet Sparkler Send Off

June 10, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

No party is complete without a ravishing exit.  By this time, you’ve set up your mason jar centerpieces, ordered your food truck favorites and danced the night away with your wedding band.  The only thing left on your list of wedding day to-do’s is the grand getaway.

A sparkling bride like yourself deserves an equally matched goodbye.  How will you dazzle your guests as you drive away in style with your handsome groom? The trendy answer is simple: a sweet sparkler send off.

Remember fondly the days of 4th of July picnics and New Year’s Eve countdowns, lighting these dazzling little fireworks and watching as they danced their way down to the end.  They were always accompanied by giggles and shouts of joy and nearly always overshadowed by the giant display exploding in the sky.  Sparklers are a tradition, a mesmerizing way to usher in the brand new with lots of bright celebration.  Your wedding day, even the last few moments of it, should be just as grand as the midnight countdown and the red, white and blue firework show of holidays past.

So head down to the fireworks superstore or the Target and Walmart nearest you and pick up as many sparklers as you have guests.  We suggest adding a few extra, too, for all the little kids -or grown ups- who’ll want one for each hand. Make sure you’ve selected the biggest sparklers of them all for ample light time.  Collect your sparklers in a galvanized tin or arrange them in a big bucket near your exit.  Add “Sparkler Send-Off: 10:45pm” to your schedule of events or on a separate sheet of paper at every table so guests know what to expect.  Assign friends to man the sparklers: two to pass them out as guests leave the reception hall and three or four with lighters to walk down the pathway in front of you and your groom.

The key to the sweetest sparkler send-off is all in the timing.  We know you can’t rehearse this down to a T, but you can make sure your guests and helpers are all ready to go as soon as the clock strikes exit time.  Make sure your photographer is situated at the end of the aisle, ready to capture a dazzling kiss amidst a sparkling arch of friends and family.  We’re sure these photos will be some of your favorites for years to come!

As you slip into your getaway car, your friends and family will cheer and clap.  The sparklers will burn out and the centerpieces will be packed away, but your day will be unforgettable.  You’ve captured each moment in timeless photographs and you’ve celebrated with the best of them. Now go live a life and a marriage worthy of endless sweet sparkler send-offs!

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