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Honor lost loved ones at your wedding

8 Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Your Wedding

September 4, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

Most people agree that your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life — and for good reasons! Not only are you pledging your life to the one you love and beginning a new chapter together as one, but you are also surrounded by the friends and family who love you most. On the other hand, your wedding day can be bittersweet as you remember those who have played an instrumental role in making you or your spouse who you are today and are no longer with you. If you have lost someone near to you and want to honor him or her on your wedding day, try one of these 8 ideas for a special way to remember.

Picture Charm

Attach a small picture of your loved one to your bouquet or suit jacket as a sweet reminder of their love and influence in your life. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is the perfect way to honor someone who has impacted you so much that no words seem good enough.

Empty Seats

Honor your loved ones by dedicating seats at the ceremony to them. Set a picture of them on an empty seat to signify their presence.

Note in the Program

Write a brief note of remembrance in your ceremony program so that your guests can take a moment to remember your loved one as well. Include a favorite memory of them, or a quote or verse they loved.

Play Their Favorite Song

A beautiful way to honor a lost loved one is through song. If your ceremony includes congregational singing, choose a song he or she loved, and note that person in the program. Alternatively, add a song to your reception playlist that you know your loved one would have wanted to hear. Before it plays, have the DJ announce why it’s so special to you.

Wear Jewelry They Gave You

If your loved one gave you any jewelry or you inherited a piece of theirs, wear it as you walk down the aisle. Even if you’re the only one who knows, this remembrance will be special to you. This is also a unique way of incorporating your “something borrowed.”

Sew a Piece of Their Clothing to Your Dress

Sew a patch of their favorite shirt to the inside of your dress. While they may not be with you on your big day, they will be close to your heart. Grooms could even wear a tie that belonged to their loved one.


Light candles before your ceremony begins to represent your lost loved ones. You can place the candles on the stage, near the entrance, or on the ends of rows for family seating (hanging lanterns work great for this). Attach tags to signify who each candle represents.

Use Their Signature Scent

If your loved one had a signature perfume (or cologne for the grooms), choose that scent for your wedding day. Scents are closely linked to memories, and wearing their favorite perfume on your wedding day will create a special connection between that person and your big day.

It’s impossible to imagine your wedding without your loved ones, but there are really special ways you can honor them and have a piece of them there with you. We’d love to know your ideas of honoring lost loved ones and how you incorporated them into your big day!

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