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5 Reasons to Get Married in the Texas Hill Country

October 3, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

When it comes to picking a location for your wedding, we know you want something special—a beautiful or significant place that will make special memories even easier to hold on to. But why travel halfway across the country or more for a beautiful wedding? With the concept of “staycations” trending, why not extend that same consideration to your wedding planning? Exploring the places around you with new eyes can lead to exciting discoveries that you may have never considered. Furthermore, using local vendors and venues not only supports your community, but can also open your eyes to an entirely new way of looking at the area you call home. So here are 5 reasons to stay local and get married in the Texas Hill Country!

Beautiful Scenery

From fields blooming with flowers to majestic rolling hills to stunning sunsets, Texas Hill Country has a tremendous variety of scenic offerings, making it the perfect place to plan the wedding of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a thriving field or forest for an outdoor wedding or a stately chapel for a more traditional ceremony, you’re sure to find a venue that fulfills your desires.

Romantic Vineyards                                                                    

Vineyards and wineries pepper the local landscape, and these wine trails present wonderful opportunities for bridal party outings. Sample some of the local flavors from any of the wineries on the Texas Wine Trail. Many places will even schedule private events if you contact them ahead of time.

Honeymoon or Destination Wedding Options

Many people travel across the country or around the world for ‘destination’ weddings, or even farther for a honeymoon. In Texas Hill Country, however, prime locations for both are right at your fingertips. Places like the Fredericksburg Herb­­ Farm provide wonderful opportunities for couples to get away and have some one-on-one time after the excitement of their wedding.


Texas Hill Country is within a day’s drive of almost all of the major cities in Texas, making it a very affordable place to plan a wedding. Whatever money you don’t spend on transportation can be put towards making your actual ceremony everything you want it to be and more.

Great Weather

Located as it is in the southern portion of the United States, the ‘Heart of Texas’ boasts warm or temperate weather for the majority of the year. This allows for an incredibly flexible season for wedding planning. Whether you’re looking for a spring, summer, fall, or even winter wedding, you’re sure to be able to find both a time and location that’s perfect for your long-awaited day.

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