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4 Ways to Entertain the Little Ones

October 10, 2014 by Jennifer Speer

4 Ways to Entertain the Little Ones

You’re planning possibly the most important event of your life. You’ll be hiring a wedding coordinator to take care of all the details, sending fancy invitations several weeks in advance, choosing a caterer to prepare an elaborate dinner, and dressing in the most gorgeous gown you may ever wear. Of course you want to invite all of your closest friends and family members, and you’re hoping every single guest can attend. Inevitably, this will include children. So how do you pull off your dream wedding while also ensuring guests of all ages have a great time? You prepare a table specifically created for all of those precious, high-energy little ones you hope to keep entertained throughout the evening.

So what should this table include?

  1. First of all, make sure to include a cute sign or identifying feature (such as balloons or colorful, candy centerpieces) designating the table as a welcoming place for children. You might consider asking your family members or wedding party to help spread the word that children have a special place at the reception.




  1. Add some yummy, child-friendly treats to the table. Think bubble gum, lollipops, jelly beans, cookies, goldfish, animal crackers, juice boxes…you get the idea. The children at your reception might still eat dinner, but these snacks will help keep them entertained at their table long after the dinner is over.

kidstable4 kidstable5


  1. Include a craft or project that will keep them busy at the table. The goal is to provide options that aren’t noisy and don’t require close adult supervision. There are all kinds of ideas on Pinterest such as wedding themed coloring books, butcher paper tablecloths that encourage continuous artwork, and activity bags including crayons, bubbles, play-doh, stickers, and finger puppets.



  1. It is highly likely the children at your wedding will eventually become tired of sitting. Include an activity to keep them occupied once they reach this point. One of my favorite ideas is to place a disposable camera at each place and an “I spy” activity sheet. The children at your reception are certain to keep themselves entertained while snapping photos of the different items on the list. If you’re able to reserve a separate room, or if your wedding is outdoors, you might be able to include board games or hire a puppeteer, face painter, or balloon artist for even more additional fun!

ispy ispy2

Follow these four suggestions and your youngest guests are sure to enjoy the reception! And keeping them busy will allow their parents to have fun as well!

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