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4 Ways To Capture Your Big Day

May 5, 2015 by The Marquardt Ranch

How will you tell the story of your wedding day in years to come? How will you recall memories of the best day of your life? Of course a fantastic and trusted photographer is 100% necessary, but what about the friends and family who traveled far and wide to be with you on your day? How will you remember them?

Enter: the ever-so-trendy photo booth. They come in all shapes and sizes and fit into just about any wedding vision or budget. It’s the perfect way to document all the loved ones you only had the chance to wave to from the head table. It’s the best way to capture the joy and love that we just know will be oozing from your day.

So which photo booth is the best for you? Let’s have a look, shall we:

  1. Polaroid Photo Booth

This photo booth has a two-fold purpose: help guests find their seats and snap a pic of each guest attending your big day. We’ve seen brides string lines of place cards affixed with clothespins and ask guests to replace their name card with a photo. Have Polaroid cameras and (optional) Polaroid photographers on deck to take the quick pic before guests make their way into the reception.

  1. Photo Booth Backdrop

Backdrops come in just about as many forms as photo booths themselves. You can choose a simple tassel banner or a big sheet of fabric to frame your guests. You can add props and hats and wigs to a basket for guests to use in their photos. We suggest asking your photographer to manage this photo booth. They can take photos, edit them and add them to your package so you’ll be able to access your photos for the rest of time.

  1. Classic Photo Booth

These are the booths you used to beg your mom for quarters in the mall when you were growing up. You know, the ones where you climb in and pull back the curtain then click a button and try to smile or make a silly face on time. Such booths are rentable and easy to bring in to any reception. Find one that lets you print two copies of each strip. One copy can go into a large scrapbook where guests can sign their names and leave a message. The other copy can go home with your friends and family as a wonderful reminder of the time they spent celebrating you and your husband.

  1. Selfie Station

With the invention of the Selfie Stick and the entrance of the word “selfie” into our everyday conversation, these types of photo booths have become all the rage. Similar to the photo backdrop, set up a station for guests to take photos. Print out a large sign with your new last name or hang streamers and pieces of fabric from a pole. At an adjacent table, provide instructions, your wedding hashtag and (optional) selfie sticks. Let guests use those front-facing cameras to grab a timeless photo for social media.

Whatever type of photo booth you choose, make it fun! Tailor it to your personality and the vision of your big day. Help your friends and families remember your wedding for years to come. And don’t forget to get in a few photos yourself!

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