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3 Reasons for Bridesmaids to Rent a Dress

November 14, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

Wedding prices increase every year, with recent statistics putting average costs at over $30,000 dollars. While it’s hard to put a price tag on that perfect day, making smart choices can help not only you, but your bridal party as well! In this day and age, renting a dress just makes sense. Here’s why:

It’s Customizable

Finding dresses that suit all of your bridesmaids’ tastes and styles can be quite the challenge. Of course, even if your bridesmaids find dresses on their own that work with both your theme and their body type, there’s no guarantee that one company’s rose gold matches another’s. Thankfully, there are several sites that have an incredible variety of dresses to choose from in fabrics and shades that actually do match. That way, there’s no possibility of a last-minute mismatch.

Once dresses are selected—usually months in advance—sizing is the next step. Every woman’s body is unique, and one size doesn’t fit all. Rented dresses are unalterable, but these companies avoid this potential pitfall by letting each bridesmaid pick two separate sizes and sending them both. This allows for size fluctuations between the time of the fitting and the day of the wedding, easing stress all around. Your bridesmaids don’t have to worry about dieting to fit into a dress, and you, as the bride, don’t have to worry about last-minute sizing issues. Between allowing mixing and matching and ease of fit, renting bridesmaid dresses lets you and your bridesmaids have the best of both freedom and security.

It’s Budget Friendly

We understand wanting to spare no expense on your big day. Unfortunately though, dresses are expensive. Although your bridesmaids want to do everything they can to support you, they may not be in a financial situation that lets them shell out hundreds of dollars for a dress they’ll wear once. These sites offer dresses available for rental at less than half the price of buying retail, and since the bridesmaids won’t have to pay for alterations, it can save them even more. Less stress for them means more fun for all of you. Renting dresses is a great, budget friendly way to outfit your bridesmaids for your big day.

It Offers Greater Simplicity

Really, when it comes to something as stressful as planning a wedding, who’d say no to streamlining? Sites like Union Station and Vow to be Chic simplify the process of finding your bridesmaids’ dresses in several ways. Each work with bridesmaids directly to pick out a dress that fits both your preferences and theirs. They can help you keep track of the process from start to finish. Vow to Be Chic even has a special dashboard that lets brides check up on their bridesmaids’ progress without having to call them individually. After the event is over, the bridesmaids pack their dresses up and mail them back, and the companies take care of the dry cleaning. Of course, if your bridesmaid absolutely loves her dress, she can typically buy it afterward. Renting dresses cuts out a big chunk of stress for the bride by streamlining and simplifying the entire process.

All in all, renting bridesmaids dresses just makes sense. It allows confident mixing and matching, provides budget friendly options, and gives the whole process greater simplicity. Even if you decide to go the more traditional route of having your bridesmaids buy their dresses, renting is certainly an option worth considering.

Happy planning!

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