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3 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars

October 17, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

Mason jars have long been a staple of country tradition. Although they’re usually used for canning and storing jelly and jam, their creative uses are much more exciting and endless! Why not make use of these cost-friendly multi-purpose country kitchen staples by incorporating them into your wedding décor? From rustic elegant to traditional romantic style weddings, mason jars can fit the style of any wedding. Here a a few ways!


Have memories of your mom or grandmother using mason jars for summertime lemonade or sweet tea? You can bring a similar sense of nostalgia to your wedding by using mason jars as glasses for your guests’ drinks. Tie a bit of twine or ribbon around the jars to add a personal touch, and then let your guests fill them with their drink of choice. You can even make them almost entirely spillproof by screwing the lid back on and using rubber grommets and a drill bit to make space for a straw.

Vases & Succulent Displays

Over-sized mason jars in pastel hues would make charming vases for loose cut flowers at a spring or summer wedding, and clear jars would work well for fall or winter. Put a few long-stemmed flowers in each and use them as centerpieces for a beautiful effect.

Similar to vases but on a smaller scale, using mason jars to display succulents is a great way to add subtle touches of nature to your wedding. They can be hung and displayed vertically or placed along tables and other decorations, dotting the area with lovely spots of green. Guests can take these home as favors later, or you can use them to decorate your future home. This site has a great how-to on getting started with this green idea.

Hanging Lanterns

If your wedding is an evening affair, place tea lights inside mason jars and hang them from lantern hooks along the aisle. If it’s a daytime wedding, fill the jars with flowers, trinkets, or bundles of herbs. The jars will catch the sunlight and sparkle beautifully, drawing everyone’s attention to you as you walk down the aisle.

For another enchanting and romantic idea, hang jars from tree branches with twine or ribbons, and fill the jars with fairy lights. The lights will be diffused into a twinkling, atmospheric glow, and lend a welcoming, romantic aesthetic to your ceremony.

How will you use mason jars to add beauty and charm to your big day?

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