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2017 Trends: Wedding Themes

November 7, 2016 by The Marquardt Ranch

As 2017 approaches, it’s time to start looking at upcoming trends for next year’s weddings. Scanning the internet, we’re seeing a continuation of classic trends like rustic, vintage, and garden weddings. Lucky for you, endless amounts of photo collages abound on the web, full of images to get your creative planning juices flowing. So, whether you’re leaning more towards a rustic barn wedding, a theme inspired by classic vintage looks, or a ceremony surrounded by cultivated beauty, let these popular trends inspire your big day.


Already a popular theme from 2016 and earlier, this classic is still going strong in 2017. Characterized by details like unfinished wood, mason jars, lanterns, twine and natural colors, the rustic theme brings a warm and down-to-earth vibe to any wedding. You can incorporate this theme in a number of ways as well: turn milk cans in to vases and use them as centerpieces, hold your ceremony or reception in a converted barn, or make mason jar lanterns to guide your guests to the venue.


The possibilities in a vintage wedding are nearly limitless—after all, the term ‘vintage’ covers an incredibly wide range of time periods and styles. From romantic pastels and lace to glitz and glam inspired by the roaring 20s, a vintage-themed wedding is sure to bring a touch of class to your ceremony. You can incorporate this trend in a wide range of ways: lace tablecloths, polished metal accents, subtle pastels, and typewriter fonts.


Another classic theme that is staying strong in 2017 is the garden wedding. And really, why not? Gardens take time and patience to cultivate, but bring so much joy, pleasure and beauty to the world around them—much like a strong marriage. Aside from the verdant symbolism, a garden theme also provides a variety of fresh and elegant options for décor. Fresh greenery, white chiffon canopies, wicker furniture, and china (white porcelain or painted with delicate floral patterns) make great setting and decor ideas, and fresh spring greens, neutrals, and floral hues are excellent color choices for this theme.

What is your favorite theme?

Happy planning!

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