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2017 Trends: Table Settings with Greenery

May 1, 2017 by The Marquardt Ranch

Greenery has long been a common decoration on wedding tables because it adds a touch of opulence without costing a small fortune. And this year, trends are kicking it up a notch. It looks like more than just vines and leaves are taking their place on the table and that greenery has a place beyond the place setting! There is a reason one of Pantone’s top colors for spring this year is 15-0343—“Greenery”. Aside from actual green floral arrangements, you might also see the shade used to great effect for place settings, accents, and more. Here are just a few ways you could incorporate this trend into your wedding day.

Paper Products

An easy way to bring this trend into your wedding is to incorporate it into your stationary or wedding colors. Greenery could make its way into your theme as a pop of color on the inside of envelopes, or as ribbons tying your invitation bundles together. You could use a similar shade of paper or card-stock for paper products the day of the wedding, as well—like in place cards, programs, or table markers.

Edible Arrangements

This naturalistic trend isn’t limited to just decorations or stationary—it can even be found on your plate! It’s easy to have your cake decorated with floral or fern-like fondant, or to use an appropriately colored ribbon as a delicate decoration. Another possibility could be mini cakes decorated with fondant succulents. This related trend ties in very well with the greenery theme, and these look-a-like foods make great talking pieces, too!

Spiky Newcomers

Another set of popular plants this season is cacti. Yep, you read that right. Cacti. Their prickly nature might make them seem unsuitable for such a warm occasion as a wedding, but their whimsical simplicity makes them all the rage this season. They’d obviously make an excellent choice for a Western-inspired wedding, but they’re surprisingly versatile and pair well with a variety of other themes, too.

Forested Feel

The options here are nearly limitless! You can drape garlands of mixed greenery or vines across the ceiling space to create an arbor-like effect, or grace your tables with boughs of the same. If actual plant matter isn’t what you’re looking for, consider using table linens or place settings in the Pantone shade. Using greens like this can make your wedding or reception feel like it’s taking place in an enchanting forest.

Happy planning!

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